7 easy steps to make an aesthetic and style for your home + life

Did I catch you in a daydream? You know, that feeling like your life could actually feel like your own perfectly curated Pinterest board (without the pressure of it necessarily looking perfect all the time). A home that welcomes you with open arms, the confidence to strut around in your own style, and a community […]

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September 5, 2023


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Did I catch you in a daydream?

You know, that feeling like your life could actually feel like your own perfectly curated Pinterest board (without the pressure of it necessarily looking perfect all the time).

A home that welcomes you with open arms, the confidence to strut around in your own style, and a community and lifestyle that screams ✨you✨

Creating your own aesthetic isn’t just about making things pretty and perfect.

It’s actually much deeper than that.

Your aesthetic is a reflection of your innermost desires and the essence of who you are. Knowing and owning your aesthetic style…

  • Clarifies the atmosphere of your home
  • Better supports you in picking the jobs, activities, places, and people you welcome into your life
  • Helps you shape your biggest dreams and aspirations in life
how to be aesthetic

What does the wrong aesthetic feel like?

Let’s say you dread heading to work every day.

You aren’t sure why, and you can’t put your finger on it, but walking into that cold, uninspiring office filled with intense, hard-headed colleagues feels like walking into a joy vacuum.

I know for me, there are environments that literally make me freeze— like going into bare rooms with no decorations, feeling the dim, un-windowed walls of Costco, or working in a cold, dark outdoor place for long periods of time with no comforts of tea or food. When I’m in those places, I know I’m not going to be at my best, because they’re quite different from my aesthetic and work preferences that I’ve established for myself.

Now, imagine flipping that script of that dull office. Imagine understanding your aesthetic so well that you realize you thrive in a space filled with flowers, soft textures, pastel colors, endless tea, and cozy clothes all day.

Next thing you know, you’ve found a remote career that lets you work from your WFH, flower-filled office, starting each day with a ritual of pouring yourself freshly picked herbal tea that makes you feel warm and fuzzy before diving into your day.

See the difference? It’s more than just knowing you want to do something different— it’s knowing what makes you feel something.

That’s what knowing your aesthetic is— it can change not just how your home or workspace looks, but how you feel about your everyday life. It can be your roadmap to curating a life that not only looks amazing but sparks joy in unimaginable ways.

So grab that minty tea, spark that candle, and dim the lights, because we’re going to dive into everything you need to know about how to create your own aesthetic to make you feel most confident in your home and life.

7 easy steps to make an aesthetic and style for your home + life

1. Find the patterns in your pins.

The world is chock-full of ideas, preferences, inspirations, and loves whimsical boho-chic, minimalist Scandi, cottagecore, dark academia, and so many more.

I’m sure you have many amazing loves, and the thing is, this is what it’s about! Browse through what you’re pinning on Pinterest, or what you’re verbally “pinning” in your real life.

What sorts of things are you “pinning?” Is it cute outfits, amazing spaces, outdoor landscapes, or songs? And then, a level deeper— what are you finding is the commonality with everything you love?

For instance— you might have loads of Pinterest boards that are related to all sorts of things, from fashion to interiors, to your favorite TV shows, to vintage shots. But I bet, if you really look closely, there’s a common thread between many of the photos.

Do they all have women or a feminine influence? → Maybe you’re looking for more female collaboration in your life.

Do they all seem to have an old, natural, vintage vibe? → Seems like you might want to have nature around you a little more, whether that’s a work-from-home job that lets you live outside or more freedom to lounge.

Do many of them have a purple color in them? → Look around your home— after you close the computer, are you surrounding yourself with the same colors that are making you swoon when you’re browsing?

Finding my own personal aesthetic wasn’t really something I did intentionally— instead, it came through my natural creative process. As I started planning for my creative projects, like my music, our new home, heck, and even designing this website, I had to start digging deep and seeing what I aligned with. All of my creative projects seemed to have a common thread between each other, showing me who I was and what I loved.

2. Make a vision board.

Now that you’ve gotten a little taste of what makes your aesthetic taste buds tingle, it’s time to visualize it, you can more specifically visualize it.

I know you’ve probably heard this in every self-development niche, but making a vision board helps you manifest what you want through visualization. Visualization is a powerful tool related to the Law of Attraction— the more you visualize something and think about something, the more abundant it will be in your life.

Of course, when you journey through this process, know that you won’t magically get everything you want without strategic, intentional, loving action.

In 2020, I remember making a vision board that started outlining the life I wanted. I had my collage of pictures of a cottage home, natural and organic foods, and words that described my performing career. Sitting here typing this blog post years later, I can say that I’ve already seen this start manifesting in the aesthetic that I planned— of course, in many unpredictable ways— but I’m in South Carolina, basking in a beautiful home that I designed just for us, making music, being creative, and surrounding myself with colors, smells and souls that make me feel so alive.

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3. Make a color palette to inspire the creations in your life.

Remember in elementary school when everyone asked you, “What’s your favorite color?” It was so easy and free to remember what you loved and let it drive everything you did, from what you’d paint and draw to what you’d pick to wear.

This color palette for your life can drive so many things you do:

  • The way you design your home
  • The clothes you wear
  • The colors you pick in your project management tools
  • The way you decorate your laptop or computer

And so much more.

How do you get these? Head over to TinEye’s reverse image search and input one of your favorite Pinterest pictures. From there, you can play around with these colors in Canva until you find a palette you love, and turn to it whenever you’re making a design, fashion, or life decision.

It’s funny what comes up when you ask a set of colors what to do.

4. Make everything in your home spark joy.

Let’s talk about why Marie Kondo’s iconic words, “Does it spark joy?” are such important little particles of wisdom for your aesthetic journey.

After I fully Marie Kondo-d our home about a year or so ago, I looked at everything in it in a completely different light. Suddenly, my eyes didn’t glaze over the things that weren’t my aesthetic, because I’d let them go with love. The things I touched, looked at and felt were all things that aligned with my aesthetic and that sparked joy for me.

The thing is when every item in your home sparks joy, it creates a cascading effect that literally pours happiness into other areas of your life. Imagine living in a space where every single corner is a visual representation of what makes your heart sing.

Just like you’d dress for the job you want, you should absolutely live for the home and life you aspire to have. Create a sanctuary where you can dream, love, and become the best version of yourself.

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5. Embrace texture in items and depth in people.

Adding texture to your space is like turning a two-dimensional drawing into a three-dimensional masterpiece. Think soft, plush pillows contrasting with a sleek leather couch, or a shaggy rug lying on polished hardwood. Texture makes your aesthetic pop by giving it layers and depth.

And guess what? This principle applies to life, too! Make your conversations textured by diving beyond the surface of just the “hellos” and “how are yous.” The more depth you add to your interactions, the more likely you’ll attract multidimensional people into your life— those who resonate with your aesthetic and soul.

6. Thrift and DIY like it’s nobody’s business.

it’s easy to walk into a Home Goods and think you’ve found your style— everything’s curated right there for you!

But when you’re thrifting, finding your style becomes an adventure when you’re scanning through second-hand shops, flea markets, or even online auction sites without the curation already there for you. To truly find your aesthetic, and by knowing your mood board and color schemes already, you can start finding items and seeing them for what they are in their purest form.

7. Stay healthy so you can stay heightened and aligned.

Your aesthetic isn’t just visual; it’s a lifestyle. Part of keeping that inspo alive is feeling your best, inside and out. I love having my go-to items that define my life and help me sustain this aesthetic of comfy, nature-driven, witchy creative art! And while it’s not visually appealing, it’s what makes the outside look and feel so good.

I’m talking organic green powders for that quick nutrient boost, herbal teas for serenity, and even mushroom powders for energy and focus.

When you feel good, your aesthetic shines brighter, I swear to you. ✨

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7 easy steps to make an aesthetic and style for your home + life


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