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A soft, plushy cushion just makes everything better. But recently, I’ve been on a mission. As I’ve been sprucing up my living space, I’ve also been getting products that make the whole home healthier— and wondered to myself why I’m stopping at the couch? When we bought our couch a year and a half ago, we weren’t […]

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September 14, 2023


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A soft, plushy cushion just makes everything better.

But recently, I’ve been on a mission.

As I’ve been sprucing up my living space, I’ve also been getting products that make the whole home healthier— and wondered to myself why I’m stopping at the couch?

When we bought our couch a year and a half ago, we weren’t in-tune as much with the toxicity of certain ingredients. But now, we’re incrementally replacing the things in our home to make them healthier for everyone.

Because hey, for those cozy autumn movie nights, stormy days, and weekend movies, I want to make sure we’re snuggled up in something that’s good for us and the planet.

fillings for cushions

Hold up– what does this have to do with cushion and pillow stuffing?

Many traditional cushion fillings can actually be off-gassingwhich means Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, are being released into the air– and these aren’t the organics we love. They’re toxins attached to many items we use and love– paints, couches, mattresses– and have been linked to cancer.

And if our couches are the real relaxation centers of our homes, where our pets hang out, and where our kids love to play, we’ll all need to revisit what we’re really putting in our homes for all of our beings to breathe in.

Here are the toxic fillings you should look out for and their best replacements!

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The problem with polyester filling

Sure, that polyester filling is easy on the wallet, but at what cost?!

Polyester is essentially plastic, and can emit VOCs, especially when they’re made new. They’re synthetic, and definitely not something you want to surround your family with!

♀️ Instead of polyester, ♀️ try organic cotton: For a soft, supportive fill that’s free from harmful chemicals, organic cotton still has that supportive and soft feel that you might find just as satisfying or even more comfortable than polyester.

Plus, our pick is hypoallergenic and made without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers– kinder to the planet and to you!

The problem with feather filling

I can’t even get too into detail about the horrific nature of using feather filling, so let’s just cut to the chance:

Don’t buy it. It’s cruel to animals!

There are so many other types of sofa fillings available that don’t harm animals or the planet.

♀️Instead of feather, ♀️ try Kapok: Kapok fiber is Mother Nature’s alternative to down. It’s soft, lightweight, and harvested from the seed pods of the tropical kapok tree– no animals are harmed in its production!

Plus, kapok has a fluffy, airy texture that closely mimics the feel of down, so you’re not sacrificing comfort for kindness.

The problem with memory foam and latex foam

Memory foam and latex foam are often touted for their superior comfort and support, and I get it!

They mold to your body, giving you that warm hug feeling. However, memory foam can be loaded with chemicals, And while natural latex foam miiiight seem like a better option, it can still be an issue for those with latex allergies.

♀️ Instead of memory foam, ♀️ try Talalay: a more natural alternative that’s made from sap harvest from rubber trees instead of being genetically created like memory foam.

The solution: my top picks for nontoxic, humane sofa filling

Alright– so what is the best filling materials for your couch? No VOCs, no toxins, but plush, plump, breathable, and soft? Here are our top cushion stuffing faves that are natural and organic, too.

Bean Products Inc Kapock Fiber Fluff Fill

✋ Feel: silky soft and smooth to the touch

What we love: The kapok fiber is non-toxic, biodegradable, and chemical-free, naturally harvested from the Rain Forest Great Kapok tree, which supports an entire ecosystem.

What we’d change: To fluff it out from clumps, you’ll need to do it outside and wear a mask or goggles, as it can get a little dusty to handle without one.

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I Sleep Simple Buckweat Fill

✋ Feel: Beanbag-like, firm, and made to make your head, neck and back aligned.

What we love: Most order have very few broken hulls and delivered cleanly and neatly, so you can get right into using it for your stuffing material without having to sort through broken hulls. Compared to some other filling options, these are also a great grab for those who want to be a little more budget-friendly with their purchase decisions.

What we’d change: Know that these hulls are flat and not cupped, and returns aren’t accepted, so you’ll have to be sure about your purchase before making it.

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Living Dreams Yarn Wool

✋ Feel: Soft and fluffy

What we love: Wool is hypoallergenic, temperature-balancing, and moisture-resistant– and totally organic!

What we’d change: Wool can be very expensive, especially if you’re purchasing this to fill a huge couch! It’s also not a super airy cushion filling option, so if you tend to run hot when you’re cuddling on the couch, you might want to look elsewhere.

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CeCe’s Wool Organic Cotton

✋ Feel: Soft and supportive

What we love: Handmade and grown right in the USA (Texas) and GOTS certified from their battling mill, only one of 3 in the USA. Plus, it doesn’t have a strong smell, which sometimes happens with natural materials.

What we’d change: Nothing– cotton is an affordable option– just make sure you find one that’s organic!

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So, are you on your way to fill your sofa cushions with something healthy and fresh for everyone? I can’t wait for our homes to be cleaner, together!

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the best natural + organic cushion filling and stuffing


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