15 products for a hauntology interior design style

hauntology interior design style aesthetic

It’s spooky year-round, yet it’s classy and sleek… If you’re a lover of everything dark, cozy, and haunted, then you might love the idea of making your interior hauntology style, a deep, mysterious, and yes, even slightly ✨ whimsical✨ style of interior design that might mirror a little bit of dark academia, a little bit […]

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September 12, 2023


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It’s spooky year-round, yet it’s classy and sleek…

If you’re a lover of everything dark, cozy, and haunted, then you might love the idea of making your interior hauntology style, a deep, mysterious, and yes, even slightly ✨ whimsical✨ style of interior design that might mirror a little bit of dark academia, a little bit of dark romantic, and a little bit of gothic wrapped all in one.

I happened upon hauntology accidentally— when I was looking for some dark academia inspiration for a collection of color palettes from a past blog post.

But wow, is this interior aesthetic trend not, like, totally spooky year-round, without needing one single pumpkin to make it seem like it’s Halloween?

While my personal style might be a little brighter and lighter than this, there’s no doubt I’ve definitely subconsciously drawn some inspiration from it without knowing it.

hauntology interior design style aesthetic

What are the features of hauntology in interior design?

Before getting into some of the dreamy products and ideas I found, let’s actually get down to the basics— like what hauntology really is in interior design. I’m sure you can guess by its name that it’s slightly spooky, dark, and moody, and has lows of ghost-like undertones. But how does this translate to interiors?

Vintage objects

Think old typewriters, sepia photographs, or vintage radios— a part of hauntology is a nostalgia for dark history— something you might find in a dusty basement, but made usable (and definitely dusted off, clean and sanitized!). Mixing and matching these vintage items with modern furnishings can juxtapose this look and ensure your place doesn’t look too old and rickety, but fresh with a hauntology twist, per se.

Multiple layers of textiles

Heavy drapery, crocheted blankets, and antique rugs all encompass the true hauntology vibe, and while I wouldn’t particularly opt for heavy, dark, difficult-to-clean curtains, I think you could definitely mimic the look well with some heavier curtains (while I’ll feature below).

Mixed deep and earth tones

Of course, there’s going to be an embodiment of black and dark colors in this decor, but together, it could mix quite nicely with some earthy tones to emphasize the deepness and invite a more wild side to the space. After all, if everything is dark, then everything sort of sinks into itself, and with hauntology, we’re going to be using some natural oddities and curiosities that might come from the outdoors, like tarot cards, globes, and other natural mystical items. Focus on these tones balancing each other out when approaching your space with a hauntology vibe.

Oddities and curious decor

Old school globes, tarot cards, an altar, incense, faux taxidermy— all of these curious pieces will make it look like you either curated your space carefully from a collection of thrift stores or that you like experimenting with things on your own. These equally strange and wonderful additions are going to be what really makes your space unique, and bring that true vintage, haunted yet inventive and inspiring vibe.

Soft and ambient lighting

Lamps with fringed shades casting warm, yellow shadows, string lights illuminating the little corners of your room— these accent and task lighting will complement your general lighting (like the basic ceiling light or chandelier) with different ways of illuminating the many things on your walls and in your corners. It’s kind of like you’ve ventured into a scientist study, who collects little trinkets from their travels, and now, you’re utilizing the light to highlight all the unique parts of your space.

15 products to decorate your room, hauntology interior design style

Furniture, decor + lighting

hauntology furniture decor and lighting roundup

Furniture + decor

Alchemist Storage Curio Cabinet

Todays Tech Life Frankenstein Light Switch Plate

Cursifex Skull Furniture Applique


Pottery by Vanessa C Creepy Skull Lamp

Tac Home Crow Desk/Wall Lamp

Necro Momento Skeleton Table Lamp

Textiles + wall art

hauntology interior design textiles and wall art product round up curtains and pictures


Beauty Only French Vintage Lace Curtain

Fabric Center Art Baroque Floral Curtains

Haute Comfort Living Elegant Lace Sheer Curtain

Wall art

Ren Art Print Dark Academia Gallery Wall Print Set

Antique Photo Archive Creepy Decor Skeleton

ATS Custom Oddities Francisco Goya Witches’ Sabbath Devil in the Form of a Goat

Wall colors

hauntology interior design wall colors sherwin williams paint options

How to decorate your room with a hauntology style

Before you start arranging, here are some quick tips to start decorating your hauntology space!

1. Know the 3 types of light: general, task and accent

Remember the ephemeral lighting we talked about? Focusing on a soft, warm bulb (which you can get from a Wiz light bulb) isn’t the only thing you’ll want to focus on. In fact, every room needs 3 types of lighting:

  • General lighting: This is your main source of illumination—think ceiling lamps or floor lamps. Opt for bulbs that offer a warm, golden glow to set the base tone for your hauntological design.
  • Task lighting: For reading or other focused activities, task lighting is crucial. An antique desk lamp or a vintage standing lamp beside your reading chair works wonders.
  • Accent lighting: This is where you can get extra creative! String lights, fairy lights, or even some low-lit salt lamps can be used to highlight specific areas or objects in your room, making them pop in an ethereal way.

2. Add natural scents to the space

If you’re setting your room in a hauntological vibe, there may be some vintage items that could bring a little dust in, especially if you’re going more maximalist with your style. I always suggest finding candles where you can see the ingredients, like handmade ones from Etsy. Here’s a little roundup of some of my faves!

Hix Candle Co. Fall Beeswax Candles

Viva Workshop Fall Scents

Megans Pantry Set of Four Aromatherapy Candles

3. Have a natural cleaning solution so things don’t actually get dusty

Okay, hauntological decor may give the impression of age and timeworn beauty, but let’s not confuse that with actual dust and grime! Keep your treasures clean and shiny by opting for natural cleaning solutions. Here are the only spray-cleaning solutions we use in our home!

I hope these tips and ideas help get you inspired for your hauntological room, whether it’s your bedroom, your home office, or your entire home.

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15 products for a hauntology interior design style


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