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I’ve been giving some unpopular advice to my YouTube fam recently that might ruffle some feathers. 🪶 While creatives are often told to scrounge for any job they can find, I say, scratch that. You have incredible skills just by being yourself that can pay you a whole lot more than minimum wage jobs. And […]

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June 8, 2024


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I’ve been giving some unpopular advice to my YouTube fam recently that might ruffle some feathers. 🪶

While creatives are often told to scrounge for any job they can find, I say, scratch that.

You have incredible skills just by being yourself that can pay you a whole lot more than minimum wage jobs. And those skills are in remote marketing jobs.

I started in digital marketing, so I’m pretty biased. I believe that our natural creative talents fit so many of the needs of remote marketing jobs already (which I’ll dive more into below).

You might be thinking this is a little random — musicians, artists, creatives working in digital marketing? Well my friend, nothing is forever. This is all part of my strategy of becoming a full-time artist.

The methodology behind working in remote marketing jobs is that by building this “free training” and financial foundation for yourself, you can…

☝️ Apply your skills and learnings to eventually market your own creative business

✌️ Save up your own finances for your creative projects

If you’d prefer to watch, here’s a video you migh like 👇

Natural Gifts Creatives (Like You) Have for a Remote Marketing Job

Part of this strategy is actually knowing that you have natural skills to monetize your creative talents.

  1. Basic Graphic Planning, Creation, Visual Branding

As an artist, you know the difference between seeing something visually appealing and not. And this isn’t just limited to a design you love. You can just as much tell the difference between a piece of art you love as you can seeing a brand or social media feed that’s cohesive. It’s really that similar.

Understanding visual aesthetics is great in remote marketing jobs, specifically ones that you’d need to follow brand guidelines, design social media, Pinterest, YouTube and/or blog graphics on Canva, and create content and align them with your brand’s visual identity.

Already, just by having an understanding of visuals, you can…

  • Design cohesive social media, Pinterest, and blog graphics
  • Know how to work on a marketing team with a brand guideline

2. Copywriting (Emails, Social Media, Blogs)

I am constantly appalled at how many marketing jobs that are remote are looking for content writers! This is how I got started, and I think it’s something that we artists living a creative lifestyle just naturally know how to do. ✏️

Copywriting isn’t just about writing perfectly like how you were taught in school. It’s about being able to write like a human, speaking to people on their level, and capturing concepts and turning them into marketing materials that people will pay you for.

Copywriting was one of my first remote marketing jobs — I wrote blog articles for clients, social media copy, and eventually became an SEO specialist which was able to scale my income because it was a more specialized skill!

By knowing how to write engaging, human-like content (we don’t need masters-level language here), you can…

  • Start blog writing
  • Write website copy
  • Write sales and landing page copy
  • Write social media copy
  • Be a content manager

3. Content Brainstorm, Strategy and Management

This is a slightly higher level of remote jobs in marketing. It requires less of the actual doing and more of the brainstorming and creative thinking. Typically, you’ll find digital marketers start in something like the above (blog writing, social media management), and then graduate to a more content brainstorming and creation position.

This means fewer physical tasks and labor in a remote social media marketing jobs (like scheduling Instagram posts, and publishing blogs in WordPress) and more creating thinking and planning. Yes, this would be similar creative thinking and planning to if you’re planning your own music video, art show, Etsy shop item, etc.

By knowing how to brainstorm, strategize, and manage content, you can browse through remote marketing jobs like…

  • Content manager
  • Content strategist
  • Brand manager
  • Content specialist

How to Find Jobs

Alright, so you know how your special skills can translate into a job so you can eventually do your art full-time. So how can we find these jobs? Here’s how I’ve found my remote marketing jobs and the methods I think work better than some others.

Freelance Job Boards

I spent a good amount of time doing YouTube research figuring out just how to get remote marketing jobs.

Actually, that’s how I found one of my favorite YouTube creators during my freelancer era, Deya! She has so many great videos on how to make it as a freelancer. Here’s one specific to Upwork that helped me get started, which was the primary platform I got the majority of my clients from:

I never really focused on Fiverr, but it’s a similar vibe as Upwork. You have a profile, you create your profile and services, and you spend time sending proposals or bids for a given project. Eventually, once you get some good 5-star reviews, you’ll start building rapport on these platforms.

I was lucky enough to get the Upwork Top Rated Plus badge, which helped me stand out when I’d send out Upwork proposals.

There’s also another, newer platform called Contra that I’ve loved, too. The difference between this and Upwork & Fiverr is that instead of getting money cut from your rate (Upwork takes 10% of your income, for example), it charges on a monthly basis.

I don’t know much about Twine, but it’s another one I’ve heard of that’s meant for freelancers.

The choice is totally up to you — if you are strapped for cash, then I think having the option to only pay commission when you’ve gotten paid is a great option. But, if you start scaling your business and want more returns, you can always switch to Contra.

Remote Job Boards

If you’re more interested in finding full-time jobs, I’ve got you covered too.

If you’re looking for entry-level marketing jobs and remote, Indeed is a great place to start, but if you’re looking to expand your career a bit, I suggest looking outside of it.

Of course, there’s LinkedIn, but it’s a little bit oversaturated. Here are some I know my creative friends have really loved:

🙌 Work For Good
💻 We Work Remotely
👩‍💻 Remote OK
🌞 Otta
💫 Remotive
🌈 Just Remote

Cold Pitching & Networking

This is a strategy for working with what you might consider “dream clients.” People you love on YouTube, people you follow on Instagram.

There is very much a space for cold pitching your services (the right way) in order to land a remote marketing job. Of course, this doesn’t come with some setbacks. I think it’s a great way to diversify the way you apply to things, but it shouldn’t be the only way. It’s simply too unpredictable to plan!

Think about it — people are going on Upwork with the intention of hiring someone. But on Instagram? They’re not really planning on people sliding into their DMs. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, just means you should do it in the right way.

I’m slipping in another one of my girl Deya’s videos on cold pitching, because it’s the best video I’ve followed on cold pitching:

Tip: Use YouTube University To Your Advantage!

I’ve mentioned this before, but I just want to emphasize the importance of using YouTube as free training.

A huge thing I hear a lot of my creative friends say is that they can’t do remote digital marketing jobs because they haven’t ever written a blog post before. That’s okay! I taught myself everything through YouTube, and I know you can, too.

Don’t go too crazy investing in an expensive course if you’re still figuring out what you want to do. If you’re experimenting, I’d say learn for free for a little bit before investing in something.

And if you want some more creative inspiration and a BTS look into my life as a full-time artist, you can pop by my channel — I’d love to see you there!

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how to find remote marketing jobs (for creatives!)


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