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Here’s a peek into how I’ve discovered how to embrace the fairycore aesthetic for a whimsical, magical, creative life!

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June 1, 2024


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As I’ve grown as a musician and artist, I’ve noticed a recurring element in the aesthetics, sounds, and design styles: fairycore aesthetic.

It all started when STATiC and I started dating, and I found Brian Froud’s The Faeries’ Oracle deck. We’ve used this with artists before recording sessions, and just as a beautiful reminder of the magic around us. Eventually, I plan to take some of his beautiful images and frame them around our home!

But until then, here are some other ways I’ve incorporated the beautiful fairycore aesthetic into our home. 🌈

What is a Fairycore Aesthetic?

The fairycore aesthetic is a beautiful blend of whimsical, nature-inspired, and magical elements. This could be anything from interior design to personal style to content visual aesthetics to even musical styles that feels fairytale-like, filled with soft colors, delicate flowers, and a touch of gentle sparkle.

The origins of fairycore come from a love of these enchanting tales and the desire to bring that magic into our everyday lives. It’s about creating a life that feels light, airy, and full of wonder.

The key components of this aesthetic include things like…

  • Flowing themes
  • Delicate floral patterns
  • Ethereal rituals and accessories
  • Secret garden-like motifs
  • Feminine essences
  • Mindful and thoughtful intentions towards your body and the earth

Embracing a fairycore creative lifestyle means finding joy and creativity in the little things. It’s about seeing the world through a lens of wonder and imagination.

For me, this means wearing things that are cozy yet feminine, enjoying nourishing healthy vegan snacks or vegan drinks, or even just simply taking a walk in nature. I love it when different aspects of my life capture that magickal feeling.

How I Incorporate Fairycore into My Daily Life

1. Mostly-Black Clothing: Dark Fairycore Aesthetic 🖤

I love to lean my aesthetic fairycore elements with a dark fairycore aesthetic especially when it comes to clothing.

Truth be told, getting dressed is one of those things that gets me super overwhelmed if I’m working with lots of colors. So, when it comes to dressing up for the day or the stage, I usually stick to simple black or slightly moody tones.

Of course, this needs to be within a fairycore aesthetic, so it includes things like…

  • Black yoga pants
  • Black leggings
  • Black lace
  • Fishnets
  • Sparkles
  • Faux leather
  • Gold glitter and jewelry
  • Black layered button-downs
  • Chokers and simple layered necklaces

…It all depends on what I’m doing. I’m not going to wear fishnets when I’m working from home — I’ll stick to something cozy.

Texture and layering are key to creating depth and interest in dark fairycore grunge aesthetic outfits. That’s why I’ll add lots of layers, like a black tank top with a black button-down shirt over it and layered chokers and necklaces.

*Note: I also consider tattoos as part of my accessories! I’m so bad at remembering to wear jewelry (or not loose it), so getting tattoos helps me make sure I can add some depth to my wardrobe without having to buy different clothes. 🤭

2. Moody, Whimsical and Grunge Fairycore Aesthetic Home Interior Style 🌌

Interior design is a huge way to incorporate the fairycore aesthetic into your life, from when you wake up to when you fall asleep. Here’s how I’d start:

  • Pick a fairycore color scheme on Pinterest to base all of your design decisions on. Or, you can browse some of my minimalist color palettes or forest color palettes to get your inspiration going.
  • Choose vintage furniture that adds character and charm to your space. Pieces like an antique dresser or a vintage armchair can set the scene beautifully.
  • Add “greenery” around your home. Usually, people assume this is potted plants and hanging vines, but it could also be faux greenery! There are super cute alternatives that are in the fairycore aesthetic like wooden flowers or glass flowers that give the decorative element without you having to water them!
  • Include some nontoxic candles in your home to brighten your senses.
  • Add in some fairy lights. String them across walls, around mirrors, or even above your bed to create a soft, enchanting glow. Adding magical touches like crystal decor can bring a mystical feel.
  • Place crystals on your windows to catch the light or use them as centerpieces on your table.
  • Find mystical artwork on Etsy featuring fairies, forests, or magical creatures to print out and frame.

3. Make Tech Color-Coded, Pretty, and with Fairycore Emojis

Incorporating the fairycore aesthetic into your tech devices and digital spaces can make everyday tasks feel that much more magical.

You can start it out by being intentional about your desktop and your color coordination as a whole. Choose colors that remind you of nature, like soft greens, pinks, and blues. Pretty wallpapers featuring fairies, forests, or flowers can also transform your screen into a whimsical scene.

Find ways where you can incorporate emojis to make work things a little more fun. Here are some of my favorite ones: 🍄🌙✨🧚‍♀️🧜‍♀️💕💫🪄🪞🤍

Here are some of the tools I use for organization that let me customize my space to be a little cuter:






Doing Fairycore Activities

Here are some ways I romanticize my days so it has a more fairycore aesthetic and essence:

  • Nature walks – through the woods or a flower-filled park can help you feel more in tune with the natural world. Or, if you don’t have access to that, just in your neighborhood. Vitamin D always makes me feel more calm and happy.
  • Gardening – growing your own plants, whether in a garden or a few pots on your windowsill, can make you feel connected to the earth. You don’t have to be perfect at this! I plant things from my kitchen, maybe water it a little bit, but mostly let nature take its course. It’s amazing what happens if you plant a few things!
  • Designing your home – doing any sort of creating is a fairycore ritual. Designing your home is such a beautiful way to give you a low-stakes, no-stress way of experimenting with your own creativity. You can paint over mistakes. You can have thrift and flip fails. It’s all part of the process.

Follow My Creative, Fairycore Life!

As a full-time artist, I try to weave the art of fairycore manifestation into every aspect of my life. I love sharing tips and musings that I have from my life to help you be a more creative, inspired version of you. Hope you got a little something. 😉





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how I use a fairycore aesthetic as a musician & creative


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