5 creative ways to layer bedding for cozy dreams

layered bedding ideas

Raise your hand if you were told to make your bed every morning when you were little. ♀️ Raise your hand if you do it now.♀️ I’m not sure if I’m in the minority on this, but I still make my bed every single morning. It’s a little bit like putting on a cute outfit, […]

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August 8, 2023


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Raise your hand if you were told to make your bed every morning when you were little. ♀️

Raise your hand if you do it now.♀️

I’m not sure if I’m in the minority on this, but I still make my bed every single morning. It’s a little bit like putting on a cute outfit, washing my face, and making breakfast, for me– it’s a must before I get started on the rest of the day.

If you’re here, you’re probably wanting to learn how to layer your bedding so it can look like in your favorite Pinterest pins (I know I did). Finding that perfect color and pattern and the best bedding ideas can be a little tricky if you don’t have a few ideas to work from, so let’s get into it!

layer bedding ideas

The 1 thing you need to understand before you create a layered bedding look

You might be thinking about what this has to do with layered bedding ideas. After all, you came here to create a beautiful bed that you could dive into at night feeling like you’re getting the biggest, warmest hug out there!

But I wanted to get this out of the way before we get into how to create a layered bedding look that fits your personality:

The key to having a bed you love is only having things in your home that spark joy.

Without intention, it doesn’t matter how you want your home to look. If you’re crunching up your sheets, letting your pillows get pushed around at the head of the bed, or not looking to invest in quality bedding (it doesn’t have to be expensive!), then making an inviting look for your bed at night will just be more difficult.

So before anything, pay close mind to intention. I highly recommend The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up so you can truly understand the power of decluttering, organizing, and loving all the sparked-joy items. We did it ourselves, and truly believe that if you go through the process, you can create the perfect home, no matter what your budget or design style is.

Alright, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about layers.

If you’ve ever wondered how to layer, then here’s something to know:

It’s all in your own personal preference. There’s no right or wrong way to do it– to find the perfect layering is to find the perfect layering for you.

The best bedding ideas + how to style the perfect bed

Layering bedding is like putting together an outfit.

You’ve got the bralette of your outfit: your mattress cover and fitted sheet. Though it may not be seen, it’ll determine how the bed sits and should hug your mattress like a glove. And of course, it offers support.

Then there’s your tank top: the top sheet (sometimes called a flat sheet), which acts as a separator between your fitted sheet and the heavier parts of your mattress. This offers some protection and warmth,  is cute to see underneath on the right occasions, and should complement the more outer-facing parts of your bed. Yet, this can totally be the pop underneath a more basic outer layer, if you so choose.

After that, you have your outfit staple, whether it’s the statement shirt, spunky pants, or super fun skirt: the comforter or duvet cover. You have every option to decide if you want this to be neutral or fun, but know that this is going to be seen the most!

On top of that, there’s your scarf or jacket: the quilt, coverlet, or throw blanket. This is the secondary part of your outfit that’s still clearly seen from the outside but is meant to complement your outfit staple.

Your accessories, like your earrings, beanie, or belt, are the throw pillows and bed skirt…

…and your makeup Those pillows. Match the outfit, or make them neutral. Totally up to you.

Layering your bedding is all about how you interact with these different elements of your bed “outfit.” So let’s get into the different ways you can style it!

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5 creative ways to layer bedding for cozy dreams: layer your bed like a designer

1. Hotel Chic: aka, the Classic White-on-White

If you like that taught, clean, and pristine feeling of a vast king-size bed when you get to a hotel, then our first layered bedding idea is probably going to be your favorite. The classic white bedding, and white sheets, with a simple and neat, minimalistic layered look make it feel like you’re in a perfect bed with a designer look: clean and ready for snoozing.

Get the look with:

  1. White linen sheets
  2. White pillows
  3. White duvet cover
  4. Beige accent light blanket

2. Bohemian

If your soul thrives on relaxed, loose-fitting bedding that is so cozy and inviting you could crawl into it at any time of the day, then you’d love a bohemian layered bed. We’re going to want to give it a lived-in look, with a top layer that’s a size up from your mattress (so if you have a queen, get a king-sized duvet and cover) so you have a loose, fluffy feel and so it looks extra full.


Get the look with:

  1. Striped linen set
  2. Bed Threads duvet cover
  3. Matching pillow covers
  4. Neutral pillow covers
  5. Throw blanket

3. Cottagecore cozy

If you want to blend nostalgia with nature every time you hit the hay, then you’ll want a cottagecore cozy layered bedding style. We want this to feel like you’re in a dreamy land filled with nature, so we want some gentle patterns and definitely some color. BTW, having a mix and match of patterns is highly recommended to achieve this look– there are plenty of options of different patterns you can find online like through Etsy.

Get the look with:

  • Off-white linen set
  • Soft pink duvet cover
  • Ruffled pillow cover (in 2 colors)
  • Two quilted accent pillows or euro shams
  • Knit throw blanket, coverlet or quilt

Bonus: Add a wooden headboard made out of carved wood or rattan.

4. Velvet and Silk

I almost called this the George Costanza, but that would have been 2 Seinfeld references! For those familiar with the iconic “Seinfeld” character’s obsession with velvet, this layered bedding idea is sure to bring a smile. But even if you don’t get the reference, there’s no denying the luxury of velvet paired with silk. This is definitely a different, cleaner, and almost slippery feel compared to linen or cotton, and will also make the look of your bed feel more pristine (as opposed to cozy).

Get the look with:

  • White silk linen set with 2 pillow covers
  • White silk embroidered pillow covers (2)
  • Bella Notte silk velvet accent pillows

5. Soft + Dark + Moody

There’s the person who wants a bright, airy room, and then there’s the person who wants a dark, moody room. Personally, I love dark bedrooms. I think they’re perfect for the nighttime, inspiring you to get sleepy and cozy and sink gently into the dark. It’s actually a little tricky trying to find a bedding style that has dark-colored duvets, but this one definitely takes the cake for a good night’s sleep!

Get (a similar) look with:

I think having a black sheet set balances great with a colorful decorative pillow, especially if you’re looking to layer your bed in a moody vibe. These particular bed linens are good to keep you cool on summer nights, but you could also get traditional ones for the cooler months for the warmer months.

For the moth blanket, you could layer your bed with this at the bottom of the bed for an extra layered pop to use as a quilt, or even drape it over the entire bed for more color. When we had a queen bed and had wallpaper in our rental, I did just this to decorate the bedroom when I couldn’t change the color of the walls!

A note: bed skirts and duvet inserts

BTW, I didn’t mention 2 things in these lists:

Bed skirt: you can add these to the bottom of your bed, and itt’s especially popular if you’re going for a more cottagecore/French look. I think these ones on Etsy are absolutely beautiful.

Duvet insert: I would 100% recommend getting a natural bamboo down alternative. I am very against animal cruelty in my design style, and bamboo is a highly sustainable and natural material.

As I mentioned at the beginning, everything starts with intention. To make for a homely and comfortable bed, you’ll want to wash and fold your bedding with care. I believe caring for your bedding also means making your bed every single day. After everything, a cozy bed is a bed that you love, so put love and intention into every part of your bed, bedroom, and even your sleep time ritual. Happy layering, and happy dreaming!





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5 creative ways to layer bedding for cozy dreams


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