best bamboo toilet paper for an eco-friendly bathroom

best bamboo toilet paper

How can you get some more eco-friendly brands into your home? Here’s how! Discover the brands to try to get the best bamboo toilet paper for your cozy bathroom.

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August 6, 2023


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Trust me, this is one bathroom decision you don’t want to rush:

Paper toilet paper is so last decade.

It’s about time we get a little more conscious about what’s really in regular toilet paper:

  • Bleach
  • Chlorine
  • Formaldehyde
  • BPA
  • Sad trees

Thankfully, there have been a ton of eco-friendly toilet paper brands that have created either recycled or bamboo toilet paper without any harsh chemicals. ATM, we’re finding bamboo is the best alternative to that paper TP you know and… love? I know, you’ve probably not thought too much about paper vs bamboo toilet paper, or really even toilet paper in general (except maybe when you run out of toilet paper), but DW– we’ll give you your fix of toilet rolls in a sec.

This way, along with having a more beautiful home, you can also work towards having an eco-friendly bathroom with tree-free TP.

best bamboo toilet paper

The benefits of bamboo toilet paper

What makes this toilet paper superior to the one that might be in your bathroom right now:

  • Super sustainable: bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world
  • Keeps bathroom visits chemical-free
  • Doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment with toxic chemicals
  • As safe for your septic systems as paper is!

Let’s get into the best bamboo toilet paper options for a cozy, healthy bathroom.

best bamboo toilet paper brands to try for an eco-friendly bathroom

1. The Cutest Packaging: Betterway Bamboo Toilet Paper

Price: $2.25-$1.69 per roll

What we loved

  • 3-ply and embossed texture for strength
  • 100% FSC-certified bamboo (no sketchy ingredients)
  • 100-day “happy wiping” guarantee that allows you 100 days to ask for a return if you don’t like your new TP

What we’d change

  • This one is on the pricier end per roll, even at their highest discount purchasing more toilet paper with a subscribe-and-save option.

Explore Betterway →

best bamboo toilet paper

2. Most Affordable Subscription: Who Gives a Crap, Premium 100% Toilet Paper

Price: $1.83-$1.42 per roll

What we loved

  • 3-ply for extra thickness
  • B-Corp donates 50% of proceeds to charity
  • Two options for rolls: tree-free bamboo toilet paper, or 100% recycled paper
  • Super fun and cheeky packaging, making purchasing toilet paper actually fun! (who knew?)
  • 100% bamboo– no BS ingredients

What we’d change

  • Can’t purchase it through Amazon at this time– has to be through their website

Explore Who Gives a Crap →

3. The Best for a Sustainable Home: REEL Bamboo Toilet Paper

Price: $1.72-$1.56 per roll

What we loved

  • Bamboo and recycled toilet paper option
  • 3-ply sheets for extra support
  • Free, carbon-neutral shipping + is available on Amazon
  • Certified B Corporation and partners with One Tree Planted
  • Has toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues
  • You can find them in select stores like Target if you already shop there

What we’d change

  • Not the cheapest price compared to its competitors

Explore REEL →

4. Best for Bulk Buying: ecoHiny

Price: $2.10-$1.64

What we loved

  • 3-ply and durable
  • FSC-certified bamboo
  • 12-count, 24-count, and 36-count options available (all on Amazon)

What we’d change

  • Doesn’t have other product options (yet!)

Explore ecoHiny →

5. The Best for a Bamboo-Filled Home: ECOSOUL

Price: $1.75-$1.58

What we loved

  • 12-pack or 24-pack options
  • Choose what cause you’d like to donate to when ordering on their website!
  • USDA-Certified
  • So. Many. Bamboo. Products From toilet paper to cutting boards to resealable bags to trash bags

What we’d change

  • If you care about supporting B-Corporations, they’re not one (at this time), but they do donate 1% of every order to a charity of your choosing

Explore ECOSOUL →

best bamboo toilet paper

What is bamboo toilet paper (and why is it better than regular toilet paper?)

What’s the deal with how toilet paper is made?

So, you’ve been introduced to the heavenly world of bamboo toilet paper– yay!

But if you’re still curious about the whole toilet paper-making process, let’s quickly break it down.

Toilet paper production that we’re used to usually begins with the harvesting of trees, then getting broken down into chips, cooked into a pulp, bleached, and eventually transformed into the thick paper we see on supermarket shelves. The problem with this? It…

  • Contributes to deforestation
  • Adds chemicals that will be put on your body and back into the earth

Enter bamboo toilet paper: the best eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper (in our humble opinion).

Bamboo grows as a type of grass, and is naturally one of the world’s fastest-growing plants, which means it can be harvested frequently without the need for replanting, significantly reducing the strain on our forests. Once harvested, the bamboo is converted into a pulp, rolled out into sheets, and turned into all-natural toilet paper rolls made out of bamboo fiber instead of dyed paper and chemicals. (Sounds so much better, right?!)

Buyer’s guide: how we researched these bamboo toilet paper brands

When doing our research to find the best brands, we did a lot of digging, focusing mainly on:

  • Pricing: How much did each roll cost in relation to one another and what were the shipping options were
  • Accessibility: How easy it was to access. I know we’re not all fans of Amazon, but it’s oftentimes the simplest way for people to order household items!
  • Certifications: Whether the organization is a B Corporation, donates to environmental funds, is organic bamboo or sus
  • Cuteness: I mean, it’s 2023. I feel like it’s time we all consider the cuteness of tissue paper as a factor of our toilet paper.
  • Negatives: What products lacked

Hope you loved this roll round-up and that it inspired you to explore some more sustainable products to replace in your home!





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best bamboo toilet paper for an eco-friendly bathroom


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