home office feng shui hacks for *soft productivity*

I get it— it can be really hard to make your home office feel creative— especially when Pinterest inspo seems like such a far reality from what’s possible. But I’ve designed my home office from scratch without any interior design degree— just a little mood boarding, color scheming, and creative strategy. One fundamental process that […]

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November 20, 2023


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I get it— it can be really hard to make your home office feel creative— especially when Pinterest inspo seems like such a far reality from what’s possible.

But I’ve designed my home office from scratch without any interior design degree— just a little mood boarding, color scheming, and creative strategy.

One fundamental process that I find really important to design is Feng Shui— the Chinese art of achieving harmony and balance when designing a space— so you can turn even the most chaotic corner into a space where work can finally be soft productivity instead of stressful fires.

Here’s, also, where soft productivity comes into play— because if you’re a cozy girl like me, you want your home office to feel warm, soft and inspiring, not cold, harsh and uber-focused, right?

home office feng shui hacks for soft productivity

Soft Productivity + Feng Shui are Twin Flames.

You might not hear Feng Shui and “soft productivity” talked about a lot together, and on the surface, they can seem quite different.

Feng Shui is about situating and designing your space to achieve peace, balance, and prosperity, using design rules that encourage positive chi, or energy, to flow in and out of the space.

Soft productivity is your cozy, feminine, sustainable approach to working from home. It’s about being productive, creative, and in a gorgeous flow state without feeling like you have to work under harsh office lights, crazy time constraints, and constant fires at every turn.

One comes from a specific Chinese traditional outlook and process on design, and the other, an entire approach to entrepreneurship, work/life balance, and pursuing your dream career.

But the way these both meld together is actually quite simple: it encourages order, flow, and harmony in your surroundings so your mind and body can create at your most perfect state. It’s that simple. So, let’s dive into the 5 hacks to use both Feng Shui and, in tandem, encourage soft productivity, so you can feel cozy and inspired in your home office.

Hack #1: Move Your Desk Into Its Power Position.

Let’s talk about your desk’s power position because this is basically going to be your cozy command center.

In the world of Feng Shui, it’s kind of a big deal where you put your desk. In fact, there’s a name for where your desk should be, and it’s called the “command position,” which is the idea of positioning your desk in a way that allows you to see the door but doesn’t put you directly in line with it.

In this power position, the chi flows in a way that encourages you to be in control, building upon the idea that your workspace is both a sanctuary of inspiration and a place where you in your workstation is what’s centering the space.

So, how can you find this position in your home office? The Feng Shui power position in a home office is located diagonally from the entrance of the room; in other words, your back will be to a wall, and you’ll be able to see the door(s).

This power position gives you full control overseeing all the entrances in your space— which makes you aware of all of the flow and energy coming in and out of the space.

And while this might not seem as cozy as, say, scrunching your desk into a cozy little corner by the window, adding warm lighting, gentle dried florals to your room, or even a table runner to warm up your wooden desk, can balance your Feng Shui and soft productivity vibe so you can be in control and cozy.

Hack #2: Declutter with Intention.

Stagnant, stuck energy like unused and unloved items are just going to add negative chi and resist flow in your space, so we’re going to declutter with intention.

Each and every single item in this room is meant to serve a specific purpose and/or spark joy for you. By mindfully organizing your home office and eliminating anything that doesn’t serve you, you’re naturally allowing more positive flow into your space— a big Feng Shui principle.

So— what should you get rid of?

Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up and Spark Joy are both amazing reads that give you a step-by-step layout of how to declutter once (and literally never again!) so you can elevate the chi in your home— including your home office.

When we did this about a year and a half ago, we made a whole weekend out of it so we could fully envelop ourselves in the decluttering process. Here’s just some of what we did:

  • Held everything in our hands and let it tell you if it sparks joy.
  • Organized according to category, from least sentimental to most (clothes, books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items), sentimental items.
  • Got as much storage and decor off the floor as possible.
  • Strived to make cleaner 10x simpler by removing clutter from cabinets and furniture.

Hack #3: Sprinkle in Plants and/or Greenery to Add Depth and Nature.

Plants are little life-giving companions in your workspace, and Feng Shui flow loves the energy they bring inside.

And honestly, if you’re here, then you’re probably a lover of fairycore interiors already, which encourage lots of nature-inspired decor (even if you don’t have a green thumb.)

When it comes to Feng Shui plants in particular, focus on soft-shaped plants— round, heart-shaped, anything that looks gentler rather than sharp, spikey, or cutting. Plus, gentler lines will always create a more free-flowing, soft energy than harsh ones, which will help your soft productivity dreams stay alive. Here are a few that would fit in beautifully:

  • Money tree
  • Jade plant
  • String of hearts
  • Peace lily
  • Pothos

If you’re not into live plants, consider thrifting paintings of florals or nature or even get some dried flowers (one of my favorite home accents) to add some nature without the upkeep. Seriously, I dare you to add just one (real or dried) plant in your office and tell me it doesn’t add warmth! ☁️

Hack #4: Bring in Warm, Vibey Lighting.

Feng Shui and soft productivity is all about feeling a sense of focus without feeling like we’re taking the SAT test. In your home office (and honestly, throughout your entire home), get either color-changing lights or fully warm lights, with multiple different types of lighting throughout the space so you can fully embrace this “soft focus” that I find so inspiring when I’m working from my office.

(You know that feeling when you step into a room and it feels, just, flat? Take a look at the lighting. Chances are, there’s one source of lighting— from the ceiling— that’s placing all the lighting down onto the room, without any angles, variation, or depth.)

Add a few different types of Feng Shui lighting— an overhead light, a little task light, a sconce, and some hanging lights, all in a warm shade. You will not believe the difference this will bring to your space!

Plus, a fabric lampshade will bring yin (quiet) energy to your space, while a metal sconce will bring a yang (active) atmosphere. We’re all about the balance here.

Hack #5: Add in Energetic Breaks.

Equally important in a Feng Shui-inspired routine are the rituals you incorporate into your daily work life.

Rituals, gratitude, daily desk arranging, watering your plants— all these little tasks help reset your day, encourage flow, and continue the cozy-fication of your space and imbuing your day with a sense of calm and purpose.

Play a YouTube playlist that adds breaks throughout the music or time yourself manually so you’re never stuck in one place for too long. I love this one by Sherry Formula because it includes a Pomodoro Timer.

It’s all about keeping the chi up!

Feng Shui + Soft Productivity Tips for Forever Flow

  1. Add Crystals to your space—
    Amethyst: Known for its calming and focus-enhancing properties, amethyst can help reduce stress and increase concentration.
    Citrine: This sunny crystal is associated with abundance and motivation, making it a great choice for boosting productivity.
    Clear Quartz: A master healer, clear quartz can help clear mental clutter and enhance mental clarity, perfect for soft productivity.
    Black Tourmaline: Use this protective crystal to ward off negative energy and distractions in your workspace.

  2. Vary the elements— as Feng Shui divides spaces into five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each element represents different qualities that can enhance soft productivity:
    Wood (growth and flexibility): Incorporate wooden furniture or decor to foster creativity and adaptability.
    Fire (passion and transformation): Add a touch of red or fiery artwork to ignite your passion and drive.
    Earth (stability and grounding): Use earthy colors like beige or terracotta to create a stable foundation for your work.
    Metal (precision and clarity): Introduce metal accents like a metal-framed mirror or metallic desk accessories for enhanced focus.
    Water (flow and intuition): Incorporate water elements through the use of mirrors, flowing shapes, or a small tabletop fountain to encourage fluidity and intuition in your work.

  3. Trigger as many senses as possible—
  • Add touch through soft runners, rugs, and blankets. If you’re working from home, you better be cozy in the process!
  • Add smell through smoke-less, all-natural incense or all-natural candles.
  • Add taste by having a mini board of some snacks that you can pick from throughout the day— grapes, crackers, vegan cheeses, anything that can satisfy those little cravings throughout the day so your belly is always filled.
  • Add sight through your colors— the more of the same color you’ll have, the more satisfying it will feel.
  • Add hearing through gentle music playing to keep your mind focused and calm at the same time.

Adding Feng Shui to your home office doesn’t require some crazy degree or training— just following these steps will get you at least halfway there. I hope your journey to a cozy, creative home office is a beautiful one, and that you find this design exploration fun (not stressful!).

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home office feng shui hacks for *soft productivity*


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