9 home office wallpapers that’ll boost your biggest dreams

This is gonna sound weird, but take a look at your home office walls, and ask how they feel. I’ll wait. What did they say? Are they happy with how they are? Do they like the paint that’s covering their outside? Or, do they feel like they need a little bit more attention? If you’ve […]

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November 14, 2023


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This is gonna sound weird, but take a look at your home office walls, and ask how they feel.

I’ll wait.

What did they say? Are they happy with how they are? Do they like the paint that’s covering their outside? Or, do they feel like they need a little bit more attention?

If you’ve been considering sprinkling a little pattern on your walls so it’s the first thing that you lay your eyes on when you walk into your mini magical kingdom of cozy, creative ideas, then good news:

I’ve gathered 10 magical, mystical, and totally mesmerizing wallpapers so you can solve this pressing problem of your walls screaming that they’re capable of so much more. Let’s dive right in.

9 types of home office wallpaer

1. Best Colors: Rose Floral Wallpaper

Wallpaper Type + Installation: Peel and Stick

Care and Maintenance: Keep this beaut looking fresh as a daisy (hehe) with a soft cloth for the daily dust-off. If you get into a sticky situation, just a dab of soap on a damp cloth will do the trick but since it’s waterproof you don’t have to freak if there’s a little accident.

Price Range: Score a roll that’s 118 x 17.7 inches for just about $14, so measure and find out how much you need.

My Favorite Features

  • Moody, dark background with gorgeous colors
  • Stain-resistant and waterproof
  • Cool matte finish

Design Style + Room Transformation Ideas

  • Use the wallpaper as the main focus of the room with minimalist, ivory-white furniture, rugs, and accents.
  • Pair gentle, subtle, small-scale white and black stripe accents in a room with this wallpaper and other black features.
  • Pair this with white boho accents with hanging wall plants, big fluffy pillows, vintage furniture, and colorful textiles.

Explore the Rose Floral Wallpaper →

2. Best for Minimalists: Lulu & Georgia Floral Field Wallpaper

Wallpaper type + installation: This wallpaper is printed using a gravure process on a non-woven substrate and requires paste for application (not peel and stick wallpaper, sorry!). TBH, I actually recommend professional installation to ensure the best outcome because I would never trust myself to apply regular wallpaper as a non-profesh.

Care and maintenance: Clean this washable wallpaper with a soft, dry cloth for cleaning (no harsh chemicals necessary).

Price range: Expect to spend about $198 for a roll of this charming wallpaper. It’s definitely a splurge, but the quality is well worth it for the right space IMO.

My Favorite Features

  • Perfect for minimalists or white wall lovers who want some textures without a big pattern
  • Warm and bohemian pattern– so nice for so many different interior design styles
  • Durable gravure material makes it nice and thick and long-lasting

Design Style + Room Transformation Ideas

  • Bring in some deep grounding to the room with rich, earthy greens and natural materials, along with whimsical tree-like bookshelves, forest-inspired artwork, and fairy figurines for a fairycore look.
  • Lean into the ivory, taupes, and tans with ethereal fabrics like organza and chiffon, hanging ivy or silk flowers, and soft, warm fairy lights to create a dreamy atmosphere.
  • Blend the wallpaper with celestial elements, such as moon and star motifs, and add a palette of soft blues and silvers alongside the wallpaper, and accent with delicate fairy sculptures that have a celestial theme.

Explore Lulu and Georgia Floral Field Wallpaper →

3. Best Contrast: Lulu and Georgia Morris & Co. Pure Strawberry Thief

Wallpaper Type + Installation: This is a double roll type with a straight repeat and requires paste for application, printed in the UK. The tip kit isn’t included, but the installation is pretty straightforward. (Be sure to order all your rolls at once to ensure the dye lots match, as they can vary.)

Care and Maintenance: Upkeep is super easy – it’s spongeable, so a simple wipe-down can do the trick.

Price Range: It’s priced at $386 with the option to request a free swatch to see how it looks IRL before you buy.

My Favorite Features

  • Gorgeous contrast– you don’t need much decor to make this beauty shine in any room
  • Easy sponge cleaning
  • Eco-friendly and responsibly sourced material low in VOCs

Design Style + Room Transformation Ideas

  • Add some gentle lavender accents to this for a deep, moody, and ethereal space. Think dried lavender twigs, a lavender rug, and a double curtain rod with white and lavender curtains.
  • Use the wallpaper to create a storybook atmosphere by adding whimsical furniture with curved lines, plush velvet textiles in jewel tones, and gold accents through hardware and a few wall decor pieces.
  • Use this as ceiling wallpaper in a deep, moody, black color-drenched style room with a gold chandelier in the center and other gorgeous gold accents throughout the room.

Explore Lulu and Georgia Morris & Co. Pure Strawberry Thief →

4. Best Baby Shade: Spoonflower Something Blue

Wallpaper Type + Installation: This is a peel-and-stick wallpaper made by latheandquill designed for smooth, flat, and non-textured surfaces. This is totally a DIY project you can do with your own two hands.

Care and Maintenance: Easily removable and cleanable.

Price Range: The product is priced at $129 for a 2’x12’ piece, so make sure you get your measurements to get enough to cover your needed area.

My Favorite Features

  • Uses eco-friendly inks free of toxic formaldehyde, phthalates, and PVC material
  • This a subtly linen-textured wallpaper with a gorgeous matte finish– it looks and feels like high-quality wallpaper without the annoying process
  • Gorgeous butterfly pattern!

Design Style + Room Transformation Ideas

  • Lean into the light colors with a Scandi style, with light wooden furniture, white and light blue textiles, and minimalist decor to keep the space feeling open and serene. The wallpaper would serve as a subtle focal point in an otherwise understated room.
  • Pair the wallpaper with rustic woods, soft linens, and a pastel color palette of blues, pinks, and purples to evoke the cozy warmth of a French country home.
  • Pair this with antique furniture, floral textiles, and plenty of natural materials like wood and stone with a dark charcoal/light black color to really ground the room. The butterfly motifs can be echoed in decorative items to enhance the cottage garden vibe.

Explore the Spoonflower Something Blue →

5. Best Feminine: Timberlea Interiors Wildfloral Wallpaper

Wallpaper Type + Installation: This can come either in a 50″ pattern repeat for peel-and-stick or textured peel and stick, or a 48” pattern repeat for traditional unpasted wallpaper.

Care and Maintenance: For peel-and-stick varieties, you can gently wipe down with a damp cloth if any mishaps occur.

Price Range: The pricing starts at $87 with a 25” x 108” cut.

My Favorite Features

  • Gorgeous feminine pattern that’s great if you don’t want things to clutter your space but want lots of movement in it. (Dusting a bunch of dried floral decor is difficult– cleaning wallpaper or peel-and-stick isn’t!)
  • Love that there’s the option for peel-and-stick, textured peel-and-stick, or wallpaper (though when I checked, the wallpaper wasn’t available)
  • Option for payment via Sezzle if you don’t wanna drop all your cash on it at the moment

Design Style + Room Transformation Ideas

  • Use a romantic, shabby-chic style by using distressed wood furniture, the pink and green colors in the wallpaper, and lots of lace and ruffles to create a warm, cozy, feminine atmosphere.
  • Echo the wallpaper’s traditional floral pattern with classic English cottage design elements. Incorporate tufted furniture, floral textiles, and antique accents to create a cozy, lived-in look.
  • Take inspiration from a greenhouse or conservatory by pairing the wallpaper with lots of greenery, glass accents, and terracotta pots. This approach would create a fresh, natural space that feels like an indoor garden.

Explore the Timberlea Interiors WildFloral Wallpaper →

6. Best Mural: Alice’s Garden

Wallpaper Type + Installation: Non-woven and peel-and-stick wallpaper types.

Care and Maintenance: Washable and light-resistant with a non-reflective matte finish.

Price Range: This starts at $5.99 per square foot with a minimum order of $193.50. This has a repeating pattern horizontally, but not vertically. There’s also a free sample for $6.

My Favorite Features

  • Murals are such a unique way to add a larger story to a space that’s bigger than wallpaper– and this one is gorgeous.
  • Deep, intense floral colors– this is so great for someone who loves deep colors but doesn’t want to paint an entire wall that color.
  • Light resistance makes sure this doesn’t fade– it’s so pretty I’d be so sad to see it gone if it’s across from a big window.

Design Style + Room Transformation Ideas

  • Create a Victorian-style room with ornate furniture, rich, jewel-toned fabrics like velvet and silk that match the pink and blue in this wallpaper, and intricate decorative elements in brass or gold.
  • Have an art deco/art nouveau style to enhance the floral theme by looking for flowing lines in furniture and decor, stained glass accents, and other period-specific touches that echo the organic patterns in the wallpaper.
  • Mix the wallpaper with eclectic and global-inspired textiles, a variety of plant life, and furniture in natural materials like wicker or bamboo. This style embraces a “more is more” philosophy, with a focus on comfort and an array of textures and patterns.

Explore the Alice’s Garden Dusk →

7. Best Rich Colors: Wallpaper from the 70s Isabel Ocean Blue

Wallpaper Type + Installation: You’re looking at a non-woven wallpaper with dimensions of 0.49 m by 10.05 m per roll with a straightforward offset match pattern repeat.

Care and Maintenance: Keep her away from bathrooms, but if you’d love it in the bathroom, consider adding a protective coating to her. Clean with a simple sponge!

Price Range: At ~$98 per roll– definitely a premium wallpaper.

My Favorite Features

  • The deep color pops are gorgeous, especially if you have other simple accents like a white rug and light furniture to go along with it.
  • The matte finish gives it a little contemporary, classy feel that’s really nice to touch.
  • If you hang this right, the pattern will repeat perfectly without those awkward edge lines that some wallpapers tend to have.

Design Style + Room Transformation Ideas

  • Balance the botanical wallpaper with some sleek, modern, and event geometric furniture to balance a fresh look with the gently earthy nature of the flowers.
  • Use this in a dark academia space matching it with rick wood, books, brass lamps, and moody candles for an intellectual, classical literature-type vibe.
  • Make an art deco glam style with bold geometry, opulent detailing, and striking decorative elements paired with this deep wallpaper throughout the room.

Explore the Wallpaper from the 70s Isabel Ocean Blue →

8. Best Purple: Walls Republic Purple Whimsical Botanicals

Wallpaper Type + Installation: This is traditional wallpaper that comes in rolls of 33′ x 21″ with a straight design match to align the flower patterns.

which is perfect for a statement wall in the powder room or kitchen. And it’s got a straight design match, making it a breeze to align those adorable flower patterns flawlessly. Plus, it’s washable, wet removable, and lightfast with an acrylic coating, which means it’s as durable as it is gorgeous.

Care and Maintenance: This wallpaper is washable and wet-removable with an acrylic coating for extra protection. It’s also lightfast so it doesn’t get washed out and fade if it’s across from a window.

Price Range: This is $94 for a 33′ x 21″ roll, and you can snag a sample for $5.

My Favorite Features

  • The violet background is amazing for purple lovers (like myself!) who want more character to purple walls.
  • The floral patterns have subtle metallic elements to add a little bit of glitter to your walls.
  • Lightfast makes sure the colors keep their hues so you can use this long-term.

Design Style + Room Transformation Ideas

  • Make an all-purple room with different shades complementing the background of the wallpaper, gently all blending together with some pops and accents of gold and bronze metallics.
  • Create a modern Victorian style to highlight the intricate floral pattern of the wallpaper with plush furniture pieces, decorative moldings, and a palette of rich jewel tones complemented by softer pastels.
  • Create a purple-gothic space, emphasizing the darker background of the wallpaper, pairing it with heavy, ornate furniture, rich velvet fabrics, and dramatic lighting fixtures.

Explore the Walls Republic Purple Whimsical Botanicals →

9. Best Woodsy: Pickwick and Elm Victorian Wallpaper

Wallpaper Type + Installation: This is a handmade, fabric peel and stick wallpaper that comes in both smooth and textured options, made in the USA. It has a really smooth and velvety feel that definitely makes the experience more upscale than traditional, flatter peel and stick wallpaper. Note: the seller recommends that you don’t attach this to stain-resistant or washable painted walls, otherwise the wallpaper might bubble.

Care and Maintenance: A light coat of clear polyurethane will make them water-resistant, but if not, cleaning is just a simple spray. (I’m not a huge fan of adding extra chemicals, so I’d just stick to simple cleaning.)

Price Range: As of this writing, the pricing starts at $13.98 for a 12”x 24” cut, and goes all the way up to $119.98 for a 24”x144” cut.

My Favorite Features

  • I love that the pattern includes a ½” overlap on the right-hand side of every roll to ensure that your design really lines up perfectly (it’s so hard to always get those lines straight!). They’ve also added an additional inch on the bottom for those who have uneven walls.
  • Animal prints that are actually cute and classy– not something I find every day and I adore it!
  • Peel and stick smooth or peel and stick textured options– take your pick!

Design Style + Room Transformation Ideas

  • Create a fantasy eclectic room by integrating the wallpaper into a blend of vintage and modern decor with bold, quirky furniture pieces, fun textures and patterns to play on the wallpaper, and some fantastical elements like twinkle lights, odd paintings, crazy-shaped mirrors, and an intriguing lighting fixture or two.
  • Create a whimsical bohemian space by adding the blue and pink from the wallpaper to the rest of the room, some playful bohemian textiles and comfy blankets, and some hanging plants on the ceiling and walls.
  • Lean into the enchanted forest vibe with dark woods and lean in on different shades of green to complement this wallpaper color.

Explore the Pickwick and Elm Victorian Wallpaper →

Your turn to pick your favorites and DIY (or hire, I’m not judging) it out to customize your home office wallpaper for whatever vibe you’re looking for.

The perfect wallpaper encapsulates your dreams, your energy, and your aspirations all in one. Your home office doesn’t have to be bare white walls if you know you want something more.

Grab some samples, get imaginative, and have fun customizing your home office!

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9 home office wallpapers that’ll boost your biggest dreams


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