the 7 best nontoxic candles for a fresh & inspiring home

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We spend long hours writing and recording melodies in the comfort of our home (studio). 🎶 So naturally, I’m always on the lookout, for a healthier, more inspiring environment. The best nontoxic candles can both create a beautiful ambiance in your space and keep your body and home clean. After all, taking care of our […]

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March 19, 2024


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We spend long hours writing and recording melodies in the comfort of our home (studio). 🎶

So naturally, I’m always on the lookout, for a healthier, more inspiring environment.

The best nontoxic candles can both create a beautiful ambiance in your space and keep your body and home clean. After all, taking care of our bodies and surroundings is crucial for nurturing our creative instruments and sharing more art with the world.

Here are some of my favorite nontoxic candle brands to inspire your space while keeping your air clean and pure (with no toxic chemicals).

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What Are Nontoxic Candles?

The best nontoxic candles are candles are crafted from natural, non-toxic ingredients, ensuring that they don’t release harmful chemicals when burned. Specifically, this means candles free of:

  • Lead
  • Paraffin wax
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Metal (specifically in their wick)

Truly nontoxic candles will boast that they have two (or fewer) ingredients: wax (beeswax, coconut or soy) and an essential oil blend. That’s it. Nothing else.

What ISN’T Nontoxic (Even If They Tell You It Is)

It’s important to be wary of deceptive marketing practices when shopping for candles. Some products may be labeled as “natural” or “green,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re free from harmful ingredients. Manufacturers can use these terms loosely, leading consumers to believe they’re making a healthier choice when, in reality, the candles still contain toxins.

To ensure you’re truly getting a nontoxic candle, always read the labels carefully. Look for candles made from soy or beeswax, as these natural ingredients are less likely to emit harmful chemicals when burned. Additionally, opt for candles scented with essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances.

Like me, you’ll probably have to reach out to companies individually to see if they’re adding anything else to their candles other than wax and essential oils. Or, read on for my pick of the best nontoxic candles that are free from toxic chemicals.

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The 7 Best Nontoxic Candles for a Fresh & Inspiring Home

1. Bluecorn

Bluecorn uses only natural and sustainable ingredients in its handmade beeswax candles. Their team also uses pure beeswax and essential oils to create their candles, providing a natural and fragrant alternative to traditional paraffin wax candles. They also use no solvents, (I asked lol) so it’s truly a clean burn with nothing else.

screenshot of an email from bluecorn candle brand

What I Love

  • Pure beeswax and essential oils
  • Sustainable and cute glass containers (so you can see the burn!)— plus super easy to reuse and repurpose
  • Handmade, handcrafted, and great customer service (answered my questions when not many other brands did)

What I Don’t Love

  • Expensive for the burn time— I was a little surprised at how quickly it was finished, it was only a week or so until it was used up

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2. Primally Pure

This family farm-based skincare line has extended its products from body care to candles! They’re crafted with the same ethos: organic ingredients that are safe and effective.

Primally Pure uses organic ingredients, has mindful sourcing practices, and prioritizes ingredients from family-owned farms whenever possible to ensure for a more sustainable supply chain.

What I Love

  • Mindful, eco-friendly and intentional sourcing practices from small farms
  • Focuses on regenerative farming and has a recycling program
  • Blend of clean-burning beeswax, coconut wax, and organic essential oils
  • Uses ECO wicks, coreless and cotton flat braid wicks with paper filament (reduces mushrooming and is soot- and smoke-free)

What I Don’t Love

  • They’re not a cruelty-free company, as they use tallow in their other products (deodorants, etc.)

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3. Madge Candle Store

This cute little Etsy shop uses coconut wax which not only burns cleanly but also provides a longer-lasting candle compared to traditional paraffin wax. They openly talk about their commitment to using phthalate-free fragrances, ensuring a healthier and more natural experience for their customers.

What I Love:

  • Natural essential oil scents are super earthy, grounding and unique scent of Organic Sage + Lemon + Lavender Vetiver
  • Very open about using only all-natural ingredients with no paraffin, or artificial scents, and being totally allergy-free: ingredients are clearly listed
  • Cute and intentional packaging

What I Don’t Love:

  • Soy wax isn’t usually the cleanest burn compared to beeswax
  • I wish there was more variety in their natural scents

Explore the Madge Candle Store Candle →

4. Aire Candle Co

These natural, sustainable, clean-burning candles are made with 100% pure beeswax, sourced from local U.S. beekeepers, and paired with 100% pure essential oils for fragranced candles.

Their scents are delectable and all-natural, including Balsam Fir, Lavender, and Wildflowers, designed to evoke a sense of calm and tranquillity.

What I Love:

  • Handmade in the USA and hand-blended and hand-poured in Cape Cod, MA
  • A multitude of eclectic scents: balsam fir, lav eu, mahogany teakwood, palo santo, peppermint mocha, santal & cardamom, sweet tang, vanilla sage + more
  • Always maximum 2 ingredients: beeswax, and pure essential oil blend
  • Recyclable amber glass jar
  • Free shipping over $35

What I Don’t Love:

  • Honestly, nothing. I love this little shop!

Explore Aire Candle Co →

5. Ozark Mountain Candle

This small-batch, hand-poured 100% pure beeswax wood-wick candle is made with organic beeswax and essential oils, ensuring a clean and non-toxic burning experience. Each candle is carefully crafted in Elm Springs, Arkansas, with a burn time of approximately 30 hours.

What I Love:

  • Small-batch and hand-poured
  • Classic, simple scents like frankincense, lemon, pine, eucalyptus

What I Don’t Love:

  • A little on the expensive side compared to some other Etsy picks like ello candle co. below

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6. ello candle co

The relaxing and uplifting fragrances spans features Woodland Spice blend containing fir needle, blood orange, cassia, and clove, perfect for the autumnal and holiday season, to other blends like Orange Rosemary, Cinnamon Leaf, and Lemon Lavender.

What I Love:

  • Hand-poured in Washington State
  • Transparent about ingredients in candle and wick
  • Therapeutic-grade essential oils
  • Glass jar so you can see the beautiful burn!

What I Don’t Love:

  • Wish it was free shipping

Explore ello candle co →

7. Branch Basics

This is the only cleaning brand I have found for a truly all-natural, scentless, effective clean. For their cleaners, the have cute and sturdy glass jars in their welcome pack and their concentrate can make tons of glasses before I need to order a replacement. Along with cleaning products are also their unscented beeswax candles, with negative ions purifying the air right along with getting a good clean.

What I Love:

  • Totally clean and nontoxic beeswax with a cotton wick
  • Hand-poured wax from a local farm (Lomar Farms)

What I Don’t Love:

  • Doesn’t have a clear jar so you can’t really see the flickering ambiance as I would like
  • Pretty pricey compared to some of the Etsy finds above

Explore Branch Basics Candles →

best nontoxic candles woman in cozy sweater by window

Frequently Asked Questions: The Best Nontoxic Candles & More

As you embark on your journey to find the perfect nontoxic candles for your home, you may have some burning questions (hehe).

What should I look for in a nontoxic candle?

When shopping for nontoxic candles, prioritize natural ingredients. Look for candles made from soy or, ideally, beeswax, as these materials are sustainable and produce a clean burn.

The best candles that are nontoxic are scented only with organic essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances. Lastly, make sure your candle has a lead-free wick to avoid the harmful effects of lead exposure.

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What makes a candle toxic?

Many traditional candles contain toxic ingredients that can harm your health and the environment. Some of the most common toxic ingredients include paraffin wax and synthetic fragrances. When burned, these ingredients can release harmful chemicals into the air, leading to indoor air pollution and potential health issues.

Even if a candle markets itself as being a cotton wick, soy candles and nontoxic, it might still have things like solvents and paraffin in it unless it otherwise states that it doesn’t.

Unfortunately, candle brands don’t have a legal obligation to put their ingredients on the label like food would— even though it’s burning directly into your air and lungs! That’s why it’s so important to do your research, ask them specific questions (and see who answers), and look for local shops that make small-batch candles with no fillers or extra ingredients.

What type of candle wick is best?

The type of wick used in a candle can make a significant difference in its burn quality and safety.

Look for the phrase “lead-free wick” on the label. Even better, consider opting for cotton or wood wicks, so you can get full transparency into what your wick is made out of (and have a clean burn).

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the 7 best nontoxic candles for a fresh & inspiring home