Best desks for freelancing, studying + more! (2024)

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking: “What can really be the difference between one desk and another?” But hear me out: whether you’re a full-time freelancer, a creative entrepreneur, or even a student, having the right desk can make a world of difference for your workflow, your comfort, and your vibe. While I’m the […]

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August 31, 2023


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Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking: “What can really be the difference between one desk and another?”

But hear me out: whether you’re a full-time freelancer, a creative entrepreneur, or even a student, having the right desk can make a world of difference for your workflow, your comfort, and your vibe.

While I’m the type to hop around my house working, I always ultimately come back to my desk, when I have that first meeting, when I write blog posts, when I have some inspirational revelation at some app or program that I feel like is going to help me change my workflow– everything happens at that humble little spot.

best study table

So today, we’re diving deep into everything desks– yes, I’m talking wood types, ergonomics, extra features, and more! Hopefully, it helps you a little more on your journey to not just purchasing a desk, but finding the perfectly flowing, cute, and comfy desk for your home office so you can dream up all your creative joys. Let’s help you find the best desk for your office or study room so you can feel inspired and in love with your workspace.

Best Desks for Freelancing, Studying + More!: Study Tables, Computer Desks, and Your Dream Space to Get Stuff Done

1. Best for Easy Adjustability: Fezibo Height Standing Desk

Price: $129.99

best study table standing

What we love

  • Size and customization: There are a few size options to choose from with this adjustable desk, so you’re not just limited to a dimension that might be too big or too small for your space. For a small space, the 40×24 inch might be perfect, and for others with a dual monitor or lots of desk accessories, the 63×24 inch might work, too.
  • Height adjustments/standing: With easy-to-use controls, you can easily switch between sitting and standing positions. It also allows for preset heights, making it a great choice for when you want to adjust heights quickly and easily.
  • Additional storage space and organizational bonuses: The desk comes with extra storage space including handy cable management options, like a cable tray at the back adhesive cable clips, and a cord management hole to help keep your workspace tidy.
  • Price: Even at its regular price, this is definitely one of the more affordable study tables and standing desks out there.

What we’d change

  • Assembly and instructions: Some customers found the instructions to be unclear and felt it wasn’t super easy to put together.
  • Two-piece tabletop: Since the tabletop is made of two pieces, it could cause a slight bow if heavy monitor mounts are installed, potentially disrupting the flat surface of the table.
  • Material quality: While the desk is generally reported to be sturdy, it’s still made of particleboard along with a basic metal frame and metal legs, which is of much lower quality than (and not as aesthetic as) handmade, all-natural wood.

Explore the Fezibo Height Standing Desk →

2. Most Trendy: Tobage Cane Drawer Face 51” Desk

Price: $399.99

best study table drawer

What we love

  • Mid-century inspired design: Oh, this design compared to some others is no comparison at all. This desk is designed mid-century and is a great option to fit into a boho, Japandi, or even a cottagecore-style room with the right accessories. It’s sleek and gorgeous.
  • Eco-friendly material: Made from Rubberwood, an ecologically sourced hardwood, this beauty is a lot more eco-friendly than cheaper particleboard-type desks, better for the environment, for you, and even for the energy of your little creative space.
  • Practical storage options: Three drawers with rattan fronts provide substantial storage space, which is ample storage space for small office supplies, paperwork, or a few personal items. Believe it or not, some desks don’t have any storage options, and I think these are super accessible and easy to use.
  • Includes all assembly tools: While there is assembly needed, the instructions seem to be straightforward enough– and all the tools you need to put it together are included!

What we’d change

  • Cable management: It seems like a no-brainer at this point that every desk should expect a computer or two on it, but this one doesn’t seem to have cable management, which could be a pain for those with electronics who don’t have a port or hole to put them through.
  • Annoying inside sticker: A few customers have mentioned an irremovable warning sticker inside one of the drawers, which can be an eyesore.
  • No alternate color options: Because it’s material, there’s really only one color option. On one hand, it makes me think that they don’t use harmful dyes to color their wood, but on the other hand, if people are looking for slight variations, they might need to look elsewhere!

Explore the Sand & Stable Tobage Cane Drawer Face 51″ Desk →

3. Best for Small Spaces: Steve’s Rack Shack Adjustable Sit Stand Desk

Price: $324.99

best study table adjustable standing

What we love

  • Ergonomic and unique design: It’s sitting, it’s standing– it’s adjustable on your terms! You don’t see many sit/stand desks that are actually cute, and normally, they’re a little factory-looking and made of particle board, but not this one. Slide these shelves in and out to change the level of your work surface with slots every 2 inches, the lowest slot starting at 30″ and the highest at 44″ all without sacrificing a modern design for your office– this desk is perfect for those little spots you need a desk in and you don’t know how.
  • Quick and easy assembly: Sure, it’s great when tools are included in the assembly, but it’s better when no tools are required at all. Simply slide the shelves and cross pieces in, and you’re set!
  • High-quality materials: This gorgeous desk is made of pre-finished Baltic Birch wood (made in America!), which is natural, sturdy, and durable, so you can trust her for many long, candle-lit nights of writing or creating at your work or study space.
  • Cute and compact: If don’t feel like you have enough space for an entire desk set-up in your home, this desk is the perfect surface area while also being compact enough to use this desk as a corner desk if you’re really looking for space– in unique little nook or corner you need to fit it into. I love that it has a shelf above the work area, too, for little decor pieces, plants, and a book or two.

What we’d change

  • Minimal desktop space and depth: The top shelf is only 9″ deep, and the desktop itself is only 23″ wide and 22″ deep, which may limit what you can place on it.
  • No built-in storage or wire organization: There’s beauty in simplicity, but it does come at a sacrifice! You’ll need to purchase something else for the organization and will have to get a little creative with your cable management.

Explore Steve’s Rack Shack Adjustable Sit Stand Desk →

4. Most Sustainable: Sussex Wood Furniture Handmade Desk with Drawers

Price: $463.36

best study table handmade with drawers

What we love

  • Sustainable and quality materials: The desk is great for those who love buying things thrifted: it’s reclaimed and made with beeswax. Heck, even the nails that it’s made of are reclaimed! If you’re into being sustainable and not buying new, you’ll probably love this one. Plus, the packaging is completely biodegradable.
  • Gorgeous rustic aesthetic: You don’t need to add much to this desk to bring out its naturally rustic look– it’s doing all the work for itself! This is a great addition to a space in a new home, where you don’t have much to work with when it comes to flooring, wives, ceilings, or windows.
  • Customizable dimensions: There are so many different customizations you can add to this desk type, including adding two drawers, storage, or a low-scaffold desk. And while it’s too long to list all the dimensions here, it’s safe to say that you can have a desk with plenty of space if you want it, and plenty of storage if you customize it that way!
  • Easy assembly: This desk is super easy to assemble: all you need to do is attach the legs!

What we’d change

  • Price point: This price might be a bit steep for those on a slightly smaller budget, but remember, you’re paying for quality, customization, and a local artisan.
  • Variability in wood: You might not know exactly what you’re getting until it arrives, as the colors and pattern of the wood could slightly change– but hey, that’s the beauty of something that’s completely natural and bespoke, right?

Explore Sussex Wood Furniture Handmade Desk with Drawers →

5. Best for Small Spaces: Orbitany Anywhere Scandi Nordic Desk

Price: $450+

best study table scandi nordic

What we love

  • Scandinavian aesthetics: So Scandi, so modern, so clean, and so beautiful. If you’re looking for a simple design to blend into your existing style and tend to lean towards the IKEA looks– no matter what it is– I think a Scandi piece of furniture can tie most anything in very nicely. Pair it with some intricate pieces like a nice vase with dried flowers on one side of the desk, and a warm table lamp on the other and you’re looking at a gorgeous, hygge study space or workspace day in and day out.
  • High-quality materials: This desk is made from responsibly sourced Baltic birch and durable, safe high-pressure laminate finishes, using water-based adhesives and some parts using completely recycled materials (though you would never know it).
  • Customizability: There are a few different color options for this desk, including white, black, maple, and pink giving it fun options for working from home with that still handmade touch.

What we’d change

  • Stability: Some reviews mention that the desk can slightly wobble when you’re learning or resting your elbow on it.
  • Shipping costs and price point: The price point comes with its handmade quality, but the added shipping cost might make someone with an already tight budget look somewhere else.
  • Lack of features: Minimalist is definitely the vibe here, but having some sort of built-in cable management or additional storage option would definitely be supportive and add a more functional element to the desk.

Explore the Orbitany Anywhere Scandi Nordic Desk →

What we looked for when we reviewed these desks

We put thought into every product we write about, and want you to know exactly what we consider the most important aspects of what makes a study desk or workstation desk better than the others. Here’s what we considered when we made our selections:


Quality often comes at a price, but we’re firm believers that you don’t always have to break the bank to get the best study table. That’s why we gathered both budget-friendly options and more upscale, handmade ones so you can choose for yourself which one is your favorite. In all honestly, we’re sometimes going to err on more handcrafted, curated ones, because we prioritize quality, eco-friendliness, and toxic-free living in our spaces, but we still like giving options!


Gone are the days when the only option was a boring, gray, metal desk. Plus, particle board isn’t the cutest thing in the world. We’ve reviewed desks made from a variety of materials, highlighting more sustainable and repurposed woods. Material and its toxic effects can certainly influence the overall health of your home (and you), so we always emphasize more naturally based and organic materials when possible.


Whether you’re into mid-century modern, cottagecore, dark academia, or even more rustic, all of these desks can be great for fitting into the space you already have– just zhuzh it up with some bright decor, fun fabrics for your chair, or even buy one that has a pop of color, like the Orbitany Anywhere!

Assembly and Shipping

Let’s face it, nobody wants to spend hours deciphering an overly complicated assembly guide. We’ve included options that range from “assemble in a snap” to “might need an extra hand but totally worth it.” And hey, shipping matters too, especially the cost and convenience of it, so we wanted to make sure we covered it, too.

Function and Features

Adjustable height features? Built-in cable organizers? Adjustability for standing height? Storage options? The best desk means more than just a slab of wood to put your laptop on– it’s a workspace for productivity and inspiration alike. Ergonomics, adjustability, and tech-friendly features were considered when we put together this little round-up.

I hope this little list helped you find a few desks that you can use for study sessions, working, or even hanging out if you need to!

While some of these tables have ample space to them, others are made to be a little more compact, with a smaller desk top but a more accessible fit for tight spots.

I hope whichever one you choose, you can find one that can bring a vibe and atmosphere that speaks for you and brings you joy every time you saunter into it with a cup of tea.

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Best desks for freelancing, studying + more! (2024)


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