7 feminine + minimalist color palettes to get inspo for your dream home

Explore these 7 minimalist color palettes so you can create your own kind of minimalism inside your cozy little abode.

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July 30, 2023


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My first impression of traditional minimalist color palettes is usually eerily clean, slick, and cold, with blinding, stark whites, sharp corners, and irrationally clean surface tops.

But around these parts, and particularly in my home, we define minimalism in a slightly different way! As much as the traditional definitions of interior design styles have specific styles and attributes, there’s no reason why you can’t let your personality shine through their laws to make your own rules. That’s why I wanted to create a minimalist color palette from us to you, so you can have a jumping-off point when designing your home!

If we were to design a room with a minimalist color palette and style, it would be full of:

  • Light colors balanced with gentle darks
  • Monochromatic rooms (though we did several multicolored ones)
  • Big-leaved plants or dried greenery for simple texture
  • Gentle round shapes like tables, mirrors, and lighting fixtures
  • Natural hues like browns, beiges, and taupes
minimalist color palettes

How to know what colors you’ll love in your space

Curiosity is your best friend here, lovely creatives. ♥️

To discover some of the minimalist color palettes that’ll make your heart sing every time you step into a room, start by asking yourself these eye-opening questions:

  1. What makes you in awe at other people’s homes? Ever walked into someone’s space and felt an immediate sense of admiration or total awe? Identify what caught your attention— was it the colors against each other, how the curtains look in the light, or how the rug brings everything together? Take note each and every time you feel this way— there might be a pattern emerging!
  2. What do you see yourself pinning on Pinterest the most? Your Pinterest board can act like a mirror to your subconscious color preferences. Take a look over your latest board (even if it’s not about interiors), and see the common colors that keep coming up.
  3. Is there a particular room in your home that you spend all your time in? Why? Sometimes, the color inspiration we’re seeking is right under our noses. If there’s a room in your house that you’re particularly fond of, see why you’re drawn in it. How does it make you feel? Inspired, calm, energized
  4. What 3 adjectives best describe how you want to feel in your home? Your home should be your haven, a place where you feel your best. So how do you want to feel when you walk through your front door? Relaxed, energized, inspired, or maybe all of the above? Connect these emotions with colors that evoke the same feelings. For me, it tends to be a combination of moody, cozy, and whimsical.
  5. What parts of nature do you love the most? IMO, nature is the original artist, and her palettes are second to none. The cerulean blues of the ocean, the lush greens of the forest, or the soft pastels of a spring meadow— these can all act as beautiful inspirations for your home’s color scheme.

So now, let’s continue on this colorful journey together into these 7 feminine and minimalist color palettes so you can get some inspiration yourself.

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7 feminine, minimalist color palettes for your dream home

1. Simple pastel minimalist

simple pastel minimalist color palette

Soft, feminine colors will really make this room feel soft and cozy. Balance this with deep black accents like hardware so you can further complement the light, airy colors.

2. Lavender minimalist

lavender minimalist color palette

Remember that when it comes to color palettes, you’re in charge of what colors you want to adhere to the 60/30/20 rule (60% of the palette to one color, 30% to another, and 20% to another)

3. Soft white minimalist

soft white minimalist color palette

Although I’m not a huge white fan, I could totally see a super minimalist, warm, boho room with this white color as the walls. Although I tend to see white walls as way too bright, I think it can definitely have its place, especially with these other earthy hues.

4. Deep Snow White minimalist

deep snow white minimalist color palette

Honestly, this color palette is probably the least me out there, yet I could totally see a super Zan, Japandi minimalist space absolutely crush using all of these colors together. I wouldn’t hesitate at the excuse to use this beautiful gold, and for those who love baby blue, there could be some fun accents to add in for a cool pop amongst the golds.

5. Aristocrat minimalist

aristocrat minimalist color palette

Oh I’m just a sucker for pink and blue— what can I say?! The cool blue like water, the warm pink like ripe fruit— I just love it so much. I think these color combinations are cool because the blues have a cool seafoam green or teal vibe, with the salmon-y pink color, but without making it feel beachy.

You could totally create a cool minimalist space using the white color as the walls and primary color and the pinks and blues as the secondary, adding a little bit of cool and a little bit of warm to the mix.

6. Blossom tree minimalist

blossom tree minimalist color palette

If you want an easy way to make your interiors feel like they’re a secret garden, make the color palettes pink and green. I mean, c’mon— roses! You won’t even need any plants in your space for this to automatically give you that sparkle of being in a rose garden without even leaving your house.

7. Mountain minimalist

mountain minimalist color palette

Okay, aside from this color palette being really fun for a minimalist space, I would actually love to see this piece of art inside a space. With minimalism, I find there to be a lot of simplicity in a singular, dramatic piece. Imagine this photo, but 30x the size, hanging triumphantly above a couch or in a tall living room. Get a picture light onto it, and you can use it as a focal point to draw attention, especially if you choose the white color as your primary wall color.

Hope you loved this list of ideas full of (feminine) minimalist color palette options! The minimalist style looks a little different to everyone, and I’m here to say that even though my style might not be your cuppa tea (or your idea of minimalism), I did want to inspire you to use some of these palettes as inspiration to make your minimalist space feel minimalist not because it’s barren and open, but because it’s naturally so simple, everything just makes sense where it is!

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7 feminine + minimalist color palettes to get inspo for your dream home


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