3 chakras to inspire your bedroom design

Foster warmth and creativity in a bedroom that’s built for its most important accessory: you.

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March 21, 2023


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Your bedroom does more than hold your body when you sleep.

It’s a bookend for each and every day; a container giving you permission to recognize your dreams, fulfill your processes, and surrender to gravity. Melding design and creativity together are a concept integral to people living human lives in their spaces. Well-designed spaces certainly give us the ease of a flowing lifestyle inside our homes, but a place primed to let us dream our most desired craving can be the difference between carving space for ourselves and not.

Instill these 3 elements that help your bedroom bring your creativity and daily lifestyle to their fullest potential.

The 3 elements of a well-designed bedroom and how to design for them

1. Permission— Sacral (Second) Chakra

Mantra: “I am a creative being with unlimited potential.”

Amidst the crippling self-awareness that perpetuates many of our daily lives a nightly space where we let it all go: our dreams. After laying our heads to rest, we dive into a space that lets us ideate, imagine and do the impossible— all without repercussions or outside judgment.

There is no other portion of our lives that gives us this much virtual permission so easily and simply. It’s the same permission we must have when we’re onstage or in the rehearsal or recording studio.


The goal of satisfying this element is to cultivate space for the most communicative dreams, intuitive, and open dreams possible. We want those dreams that wake us up in the morning with inspiration and new ideas. Products can include dream journals, massagers, rollers, stretching mats, weighted blankets, and anything else that supports your sleep and dreams.

Our picks:

  • Oniri (app)— a virtual journal for simple dream tracking. Easily open this in the mornings, log your dreams, and export your past dreams as a PDF to save onto your computer whenever you’d like. Free and paid options.
  • Zinus mattress— a memory foam mattress that’s used in our master bedroom and two guest rooms in our space. Offers support through a breathable cover, green tea infusion, and two additional layers of molding foam.
  • Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough— a fast absorption supplement of “nature’s chill pill,” for all sorts of biological needs from detox to energy production.
  • Weighted blanket— for additional support and comfort in a variety of different colors.

2. Ritual— Root (First) Chakra

Mantra: “I am connected to the earth. I am strong and I am stable.”

When dreaming up these three elements, I initially thought about reflection. Bedrooms are still, and can naturally incite a sense of peace and introspection.

But for someone constantly moving, reflection might feel a bit like judgment. An allotted time to reflect on what we did well and what we didn’t do well. But instead of reflection, I think it’s easier to visualize something a bit more active and all-encompassing like ritualizing, which can include things like reflection, gratitude, and self-care exercises.

Consider this a time for you to take on any regular practices, be it vocal chants, prayers, meditations, or anything that’s aided in setting up or winding down your day. As simple as they may be, they incite discipline in your bedroom routines to invoke what you sometimes don’t have time for during the work day, like expressing gratitude, staring off into the distance a bit, or just staying still.


Our picks:

  • Acupressure mat for leveling up your savasana or passively aligning your chakras, all by laying down.
  • Massage gun— can be used on yourself or your partner to activate your energetic meridians before sleep, particularly in the feet to stimulate everything from your thyroid to your pineal gland.
  • Exercise videos— Blogilates for upbeat, friendly exercises to follow along on your workout calendar, or Yoga With Bird, for short and relaxing yin yoga for bedtime

3. Surrender— Crown (Seventh) Chakra

Mantra: “I surrender to the wisdom of pure consciousness.”

We stepped into gratitude a bit in our first two elements, but it’s important to dedicate a particular space, time, and energy in your bedroom specifically for surrender. As we mentioned before, the time you spend in your bedroom serves as a bookend in between your days, holding up the books of your life that are typically leaning over with gravity.

In fact, surrendering during your bedtime is usually the only time you’re physically allowing gravity to pull your body down so you can let go of the resistance you have all day, from standing up straight to holding your jaw so you don’t walk around with an open mouth, to moving your hands on your phone or computer to read this now. Surrendering is finally allowing nature to take over a bit, where you free your vulnerability to the utmost.

When it comes to designing your space for surrender, think of a bedroom flow that will make it seamless and flow to put away clothes, get into bed, and read a book. You might have experienced having a clunky nighttime or morning experience, whether it be through cluttered furniture, sticky drawers, or unfolded clothes you’re rummaging through.

I suggest picking up both of Marie Kondo’s books, The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy, both of which help you see your items as things that have either served their purpose and you can gracefully let go, or one that sparks joy. It’ll grant you the ability not just to get rid of items you don’t need, but fold them with care so using them and putting them away is clean, neat, and simple.

We hope you love having a deliciously designed bedroom that gives you the beauty, flow, and freedom you need to be your most conscious creative self.





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3 chakras to inspire your bedroom design


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