How to achieve the cottagecore bathroom aesthetic (upgrades from $ to $$$)

cottagecore bathroom aesthetic

The toilet, the flushing— not really a cottagecore vibe, won’t you say? The bathroom probably isn’t the first thing you’ll think about when it comes to a cottagecore aesthetic, which is even more of a reason why you need to work to make it beautiful. See, bathroom spaces aren’t just for, you know. It’s for […]

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September 19, 2023


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The toilet, the flushing— not really a cottagecore vibe, won’t you say?

The bathroom probably isn’t the first thing you’ll think about when it comes to a cottagecore aesthetic, which is even more of a reason why you need to work to make it beautiful.

See, bathroom spaces aren’t just for, you know.

It’s for bathing. It’s for resetting. It’s for starting your day and ending your day. It’s about rituals. It’s about privacy. It’s about personal space. It’s about relieving stress. It’s about unwinding. It’s about soothing. And with a cottagecore style, it’s the soft glow of vintage lights, earthy textures, and dainty florals, making you remember the simple, beautiful idea of living an idyllic life that takes you away from the computer and lets you just relax.

cottagecore bathroom

Should we even care about our bathrooms being cottagecore?

Have you ever been to a live performance that “started” way before the actual performance happened?

Like, the moment you walked in, the space was different— guiding you towards an actual experience, rather than just a transactional moment where all the action and vibe is on the stage.

What would you do if you were at a beautiful, 5-star restaurant, went to the bathroom, and were horrified to find out that it looked like a trucker’s gas station?

Your home’s vibe, energy, and joy-sparking qualities should resonate as far as possible and shouldn’t cut corners. Creativity isn’t about cutting corners. It’s about creating an experience for yourself.

So yes, without further ado, we will talk about achieving the cottagecore-designed sanctuary for where you do your business, thank you very much!

Must-haves to bring cottagecore to your bathroom on a scale from $-$$$

We’re getting down into the nitty gritty for all price ranges. If you’re looking to change things up for nearly free? We’re there. If you’re ready to make a little dent if it’s going to enhance your soapy paradise? More to you.

Let’s get down to our DIY ideas, shopping lists, and all those little details that’ll bring this nostalgic, dreamy, escapism royal throne kingdom to paradise.

Nearly free + low-ticket finds + upgrades ($)

First steps first: Marie Kondo your bathroom.

Before you go full cottagecore, consider Marie Kondo-ing your bathroom. Go through the whole shebang by reading or listening to her two books, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy, and get rid of things that don’t spark you joy.

Aside from the cost of the books, this should be totally free— just be prepared to dedicate a full day or, more likely, an entire weekend to this one-time project so you never have to do spring cleaning or re-organizing ever again.

After all, less clutter means more room for cozy, rustic, dreamy pieces that fit right into your cottagecore-designed bathroom.

Low-light plants

Indoor plants like snake plants and peace lilies can not only tolerate low lighting areas, but also help purify air and add greenery to your space. If you have a bathroom with natural lighting, then even better; you can have plenty of plants in your bathroom of all different types, giving that truly natural feel to turn your bathroom into a relaxing oasis.

Get a green companion from a local plant-trading group, Facebook Marketplace, or on your next Trader Joe’s or plant shop run so you can add natural elements to your cottagecore bathroom by gently placing some smaller plants on your vanity, hanging some ceramic pots and cascading ferns around the shower, or trying a calathea on a stool to place in a corner.

Need some more interior inspo for your bathroom to tie into your personal style? Get some inspiration to add a touch of nature to that cottagecore theme:

Woven baskets & organizing bins

Woven baskets can be a godsend for storage… and they fit seamlessly into the cottagecore aesthetic much better than metal and plastic ever would.

Use them to store toilet paper, extra towels, potent bath bombs, backup lotions, or to celebrate your new Marie Kondo-ing organizing adventures (even though her method doesn’t require buying any new things unless you want to or are ready to spend some money on organizational supplies.)

Thrifted fixtures & décor

Never underestimate the charm of thrifted items. If you’re looking for a larger furniture piece but don’t have the cash or want to buy new, head over to Facebook Marketplace, a local antique store, a flea market, or an estate sale and try your luck on something well-loved.

A thrifted find will likely add a rustic, vintage vibe to your cottagecore bathroom anyway— just what a cottagecore feel needs to add unique whimsy and character to your space.

Dried florals & naturally scented candles

I am a sucker for dried lavender, eucalyptus, or baby’s breath anywhere around the house. But especially in the bathroom— where mats and fabrics and anything visually warm should be limited, they’re even more of an essential.

You can place dried baby’s breath in small jars, hang eucalyptus around the shower head so it dries and makes the entire bathroom fragrant, and serve as decor that makes a huge statement but costs just a few dollars.

I swear, people don’t talk about this enough, and it immediately makes a space more nature-inspired. It’s something that’s truly natural, but also low maintenance.

Naturally-scented candles

There are so many toxic candles out there, that it sometimes seems like you have to dig a little bit to find one that isn’t going to harm your family.

Yankee Candle, Bath and Body Works— all of these candles (and many, many more brands) are filled with phthalates and create indoor air pollution. That’s why I love getting local, handmade, and most importantly, all-natural candles from sellers on Etsy! Here are some that I adore:

AireCandle Co Beeswax Candle

Hazel Candle Co Discovery Set

Miller Farm Candle Co Clean Burning Cotton Wick

Other handmade and DIYs for that extra touch

Downsized Designs boho modern knob accent

Unique Hardware Supply butterfly drawer pulls

Rail19 recycled glass soap dispensers

Medium ticket ($$) finds

Wooden accessories

Think about the natural wood used to add to bathrooms to give them that warmth and rustic charm that most bathrooms really need to warm them up. It’s a little bit of the farmhouse creature comforts, with a feminine twist with Take these little add-ons:

Timberwood Wildwoods wooden bathtub tray

Blackberry Woodshop over the toilet ladder shelf

Red Barn Designs Door wall-mounted black pipe shelving

Added lighting & fixtures

Harsh white lights need to go goodbye in any home, especially with a cottagecore bathroom, which needs and warm and relaxing ambiance so you can literally feel like you could spend all day in there.

I love our customizable Wiz lights and will always recommend them in any home, especially for super easy customization, and when it comes to actual lighting, would highly recommend anything that’s feminine, rustic, or whimsical to fit the cottagecore vibe.

Wiz Lights

The West Garage vintage glass flower sconce

Craftsmen of the Logs bracket light

cottagecore bathroom wooden accessories and lighting

High ticket ($$$) splurges

Wallpaper or peel-and-stick wallpaper

A floral or rustic-patterned bathroom wallpaper can make your cottagecore dreams come to life overnight, and peel-and-stick options are great if you’re not ready for a long-term affirmation. Just make sure before buying them that they’re water-resistant and can withstand high-humidity so they won’t peel down.

Room Bloom Art beige vintage butterfly wallpaper

CHIHUT peel and stick green birds wallpaper

Timeet blue floral wallpaper

Clawfoot bathtub

If you’re ready to go all in and furnish your bathroom with something dramatic, like a freestanding clawfoot tub or cast iron tub is a huge way of making your space like the rural living -esque cottagecore design it can be. It’s an investment for sure, but oh, the Instagram photos you could take!

Copper Kesh luxurious brass bathtub

Mokleba matte black acrylic clawfoot tub

Signature Hardware slipper foot clawfoot tub

Antique mirror

If you really want to add some drama, find an antique mirror that you’ll literally look at every single day. You can choose a light shade of wood such as pine if it’s up against a darker, more dramatic paint color or wallpaper, or a deeper, more dramatic wood like walnut or mahogany if you need some grounding to white painted walls or neutral shades.

Ata Treasure Studio emerald antique mirror

Palmerais antique brass mirror

Two Be Continued vintage mirror gold wood

cottagecore bathroom splurges clawfoot tubs peel and stick

I hope you enjoyed these simple tips to create the ultimate cottagecore bathroom that looks great for you and everything that sparks joy. Sprinkle in natural materials, find something whimsical, and focus on cottagecore aesthetic inspired pictures from this post and Pinterest to help drive your design style. Happy relaxing in your new cottage-y paradise.

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How to achieve the cottagecore bathroom aesthetic (upgrades from $ to $$$)


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