17 cottagecore room decor pieces you *need* for your home (budget-friendly + sustainable!)

cottagecore room decor

Here’s how to make that quintessential cottagecore room decor you can practically *feel* on Pinterest become a reality.

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August 3, 2023


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Imagine that quintessential cottagecore room decor you can practically feel on Pinterest:

Sprawling wildflowers, rustic wood, delicate china, lush, leafy houseplants, swathing your home (or apartment!) with a nature-inspired charm that practically begs you to create.

And while I know cottagecore dreams can seem like an unattainable nostalgic trend with all the filters and light leaks, they can truly be a part of your life inside and out. See, what I think it’s really about is less being unrealistic, and more taking the rush of the world, slowing it down, and wrapping it in a cotton linen bow full of everything that sparks joy for you– particularly, nature-inspired, cozy cottagecore decor ideas and elements that make you feel happy at every turn.

Take it from me, having decorated our home with a cottagecore aesthetic, I know you can attain this level of beauty while still having a budget-friendly and sustainable approach. In fact, there’s such a joy in repurposing items, that it all kind of feels like creating this space that you love and honoring sustainability is all divinely connected. ✨

cottagecore room decor

But first… why cottagecore?

The thing that I think I love most about cottagecore is that it promotes humble, “slow living.” I think we all get so caught up in our phones, the digital realm, and how much we can hustle to get to the next part of life, that we forget the fun inspiration that comes from living your life like you’re in a cottage: gardening during the days, baking, or, my favorite, creating art on your own terms, without having to deal with the exhausting hustle that comes with an actually very intentional, present practice.

As a musician and artist myself, I’ve found that the traditional way of becoming an artist is extremely contradictory to the actual practice of sharing your art with the world. While, of course, we have our own goals and dreams, our perception requires a more intentional way of looking at the world– just like it would be finding a great place in the woods or in a garden to live.

Of course, the floral motifs and greenery are true staples of the cottagecore aesthetic no matter what your career is inside of your home life, from delicate floral prints adorning your curtains, tablecloths, and cushions, to potted plants and flowers breathing life into every corner. That relationship with nature is, honestly, one of my favorite parts of the cottagecore design.

But the meaning is the same: you deserve the slow life if you so desire it, even if you’re an artist. You don’t need to trade a fast-moving life for your art.

I truly believe that bringing elements of rural life, with its inherent calm and tranquility, into your everyday existence can help you become a more present and intentional human being and artist. So let’s dive into some of our favorite cottagecore room decor pieces and tips to help you bring some of it into your space!

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Before you start: the basics of designing your space with cottagecore room decor

I know– we talk about cottagecore room decor, but truthfully, embracing the cottagecore aesthetic in your space isn’t just about selecting individual pieces; it’s also about creating a harmonious environment where each element sings in the symphony of cozy, comforting rural life.

And just like a cute little cottage itself, you’ll need to lay down the right groundwork and follow a few preliminary steps that’ll help you the stage for your perfect cottagecore vibe.

Step 1: Organize using the Marie Kondo method.

Before adding new pieces to your space, it’s crucial to start with a clean, clutter-free canvas.

Here’s where the Marie Kondo method, the renowned tidying technique, can come in handy, and the only tidying technique I recommend! I’ve done it to my own space, and can 100% vouch for its effectiveness. If you’ve read the blog a lot, you know I always suggest reading The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up, and then Spark Joy so you can learn about the process.

By discarding items that no longer serve you, and only keeping objects that spark joy, you’re making room for pieces that truly encapsulate the cottagecore aesthetic and resonate with your personal style.

Step 2: Create or establish a clear color palette

Color is a key player in setting the cottagecore scene. Think natural hues and soft pastels are often synonymous with this aesthetic, creating a sense of calm and warmth that mirrors the countryside.

Earthy tones, creams, soft pinks, greens, and blues can work beautifully, reflecting elements like wildflowers, wooden furniture, and sun-dappled meadows. To ensure a consistent and unified look, decide on a color palette before you begin purchasing or repurposing decor pieces. You might get inspiration from some of the ones we’ve put together already.

19 aesthetic cottagecore color palettes for creative inspiration

Step 3: Create a mood board on Pinterest

The next step involves visual planning. Having a color palette set, you can use Pinterest to create a mood board for your cottagecore space, like pictures of rooms, furniture, textiles, and color schemes that inspire you.

The key to this is seeing what the common theme is with all of the pictures so you can see what you’re drawn to. And hey, we also have a few mood boards to get you started.

3 cottagecore room decor ideas (mood boards + examples!)

17 cottagecore room decor pieces you *need* for your home (budget-friendly + sustainable!)

1. At least 1 vintage furniture piece.

Embracing the old and worn and turning it into something beautiful and homely– simple as that.

Start by introducing at least one vintage piece of furniture into your space. Get yourself on Facebook Marketplace and start shopping from your cozy bed, whether it’s something big like an antique rocking chair or simply a vintage picture that sparks your eye.

I promise, their energy in your home will make it feel so much warmer, especially if you’re living in a newer home. (BTW, it’s not about perfection. The nicks, scratches, and worn paint add to the charm, and you can always fix it up on your own time!)

cottagecore room decor knit
This antique has been passed down our generations and we love it (especially kitty)

2. Dried flowers.

IMO, no cottagecore-inspired room is complete without florals.

But with two cats around (and with a limited budget) I don’t want to bring any real-life flowers in the house that they could nibble on or that will just die in a few weeks. Instead, a budget-friendly and sustainable way to add a touch of nature to your space is by displaying dried flowers just like you would living flowers.

Bunch of lavender in a mason jar for a calming scent, keep a eucalyptus bunch in your kitchen or hang it on the wall for some texture and nature (that doesn’t require upkeep).

3. Pairings of 3 cottagecore-style decor pieces.

When decorating your space, consider grouping items in threes. An interesting bunch could include a vintage ceramic jug, a small wicker basket, and a candle housed in a brass holder. This creates visual interest and adds depth to your decor.

The key is to choose accessories that resonate with the cottagecore aesthetic. This could mean a delicate lace doily, a jar of handpicked seashells, or a worn-out hardcover book. Have fun with this step and hide little nuggets of rural charm throughout your space.

4. Warm metals like gold and bronze.

These warm metallics are a great contrast to the natural woods and florals that you’ll likely having in your space, lending a cozy and inviting glow to the room. (Look for vintage or second-hand pieces to keep it budget-friendly and sustainable!)

5. A light-up branch.

This one is so random, but I love the light-up willow vine on our wall next to my TV. It adds so much texture and adds a little bit of twinkly nature and mysticism to the space.

cottagecore room decor light-up branch

6. Light, feminine curtains.

A big part of influencing the indoors to be nature-inspired is by highlighting the outdoors. Your windows are your best friends, especially in a cottagecore home, so airy, feminine curtains that draw attention to the window and make it seem seamless to drift outside if you want to are a huge must for me.

7. Something lace, embroidered, or knit.

With its intricate patterns and vintage feel, you’ve just got to add lace somewhere in your home for your cottagecore room decor! It could be as simple as a lace tablecloth for your dining table, a lace curtain for your windows, or even lace pillowcases for your bed.

I love these embroidered inner curtains we have!

8. Intricately carved wood mirrors and/or picture frames.

This adds some rustic elegance to your space– a nice balance with the gentle textiles and capturing the essence of the handmade, a key component of the cottagecore aesthetic.

Frame your favorite memories, pieces of art, or even pressed flowers.

cottagecore room decor picture frame
I love this intricate frame so much, I put it up without a picture in it ?

9. At least 1 sconce!

Nothing says cozy quite like the warm, ambient glow of a sconce. Opt for a traditional or a more contemporary one (score if you find it on Facebook Marketplace!)– I just love sconces as a way to add texture to a flatter wall.

cottagecore room decor sconce

10. Cottagecore wallpaper or peel-and-stick.

Floral prints, in particular, are a popular choice, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns! If you’re not keen on permanently changing your walls, peel-and-stick options offer a great, non-committal alternative.

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11. Something hanging (like macrame plant hangers or an indoor suncatcher).

Utilizing your room’s full potential, am I right?! Macrame plant hangers are a lovely way to display your favorite indoor plants, adding a touch of boho-chic to your cottagecore aesthetic, as well as an indoor suncatcher hung by a window (I found mine from a flea market and love it).

12. Mason jars.

Storage, but make it cute. Use these for your dried flowers, teas, or storage for your baking ingredients. Plus, even if you don’t clean up for the night, they’re still cute to look at when they’re out on a table.

13. Natural materials and cozy fabrics like linen and organic cotton.

In keeping with the sustainable ethos of the cottagecore aesthetic, opt for natural materials and cozy fabrics such as linen and organic cotton– whether it’s through a rustic jute rug or an organic cotton comforter (or, eventually, both).

14. Embroidered pillows.

Embroidered pillows are an easy way to add a touch of handmade charm to your cottagecore room and add a pop of color and personal flair to your bedding, couch, or decorative chair.

15. Warm lighting.

Opt for soft, yellow-toned light bulbs over harsh, white ones, particularly 560-800 Lumen. Pair these with light-diffusing lampshades to create a soft, ambient glow. The right lighting can make all the difference in transforming your room into a cozy, welcoming sanctuary.

I love these color-changing Wiz lights because I have a ton of different colors to choose from, aside from just warm (I mean literally all the colors of the rainbow– it’s amazing).

16. Nature-inspired chandelier (or lamp).

A chandelier or lamp that draws inspiration from nature can serve as a striking centerpiece in your room. And honestly, a lot of people forget about chandeliers because they’re so high-up, but when it’s right, they can add such character to a space and can influence the way lighting hits it.

17. Mystical and/or nature-inspired art (thrifted or found on Etsy).

Support local artists with hand-crafted wall art, like these mushroom wall shelves, this handmade wood piece, or these watercolor animals (perfect for a nursery).

Use these cottagecore room decor principles as your guiding light, and you’ll create a space that not only looks beautiful but also feels like a comforting, loving home.

At the end of the day, you deserve a space that helps you thrive and grow at your own pace– so why not fill it with inspiration from the natural world?





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17 cottagecore room decor pieces you *need* for your home (budget-friendly + sustainable!)


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