Best Amazon curtains for cottagecore, whimsical + moody spaces

best amazon curtains

Windows are the eyes between your home and nature. This is usually one of the first home decor pieces I think of when I get to design a room. When we moved to our new space in South Carolina, one of the first things that I focused on was how to add curtains to every […]

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August 13, 2023


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Windows are the eyes between your home and nature.

This is usually one of the first home decor pieces I think of when I get to design a room. When we moved to our new space in South Carolina, one of the first things that I focused on was how to add curtains to every room.

The idea of window treatments might seem trivial to some, but I think window curtains are one of the most important ways you can bring nature into your home– by drawing attention to it outside!

I had this vivid picture in my mind – curtains that would make the room feel like a blend of whimsy, moodiness, and that cozy cottagecore vibe. But where to begin the quest to find the curtains on Amazon (we had to stick to a budget here!)?

While I would have loved to find some custom curtains from a place like Etsy, I knew that with 2 cats that still don’t have the best control over their paws, I needed to look to Amazon to get ones that were beautiful and budget-friendly (and in fact, they did decide to sink some of their claws into them, after all. At least they made it hidden!).

I was honestly really surprised with how many affordable curtains from Amazon there were that were actually cute and tailored to that moody, cottagecore vibe I was looking for.

best amazon curtains

Best Amazon curtains for cottagecore, whimsical + moody spaces

1. European Embroidered Sheer Curtains

Price range: $24.99–$27.99 (Package includes 1 curtain panel, so make sure to purchase 2!)

Dimensions: 50″ or 52″ W x 63″, 72″, 84″, 95″, or 102″ L

Color options:

  • Beige bottom with gold embroidery
  • Blue bottom with silver embroidery
  • Purple button with silver embroidery
  • White bottom and silvery embroidery

Material: The curtain is made of polyester, which isn’t my favorite fabric as it’s not as renewable as something like linen.

Care Instructions: Machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle.

Hanging Style: Rod pocket for rods up to 2 inches in diameter, which is perfect for having that cute little bunch at the top of your curtains!

Opacity: Sheer

What we love

  • Gorgeous design: I seriously get so happy every time I look at these. The designs pillow so perfectly with my other curtains, and add such a beautiful texture to the entire window-scape. If we owned our home, I would so add some bamboo shades to this to add to its earthy feel!
  • Unique: I don’t really see that many people who have embroidered curtains in their homes! From what I’ve seen, it’s not particularly “on trend,” but I absolutely love it.
  • Affordable for its value: Honestly, I haven’t seen any other curtains that have this beautiful embroidery yet. While some of the other curtains and curtain sets on Amazon that we feature have that traditional, simple linen look, this is something fun and different— and I love it!

What we’d change

  • Polyester: Not crazy about the fact that it’s a synthetic material. As I transition a lot of our items to nontoxic and natural materials, I’ll probably have to reconsider how comfortable I feel having these in the house.

Explore the European Embroidered Sheer Curtains →

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2. Jinchan Linen Beige Curtains

Price range: $27.99–$42.99 (Package includes 1 curtain panel, so make sure to purchase 2!)

Dimensions: Varies from 38″-100″ in width to 63″–93″ in length

Color options:

  • Ecru (White)
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Taupe
  • Heathered Blue
  • Sage Green
  • Pink

& more!

Material: 70% polyester, 30% linen

Care Instructions: Machine Wash in cold water with no bleach and wash with similar colors.

Hanging Style: Rod pocket top and back tabs, and can be used with curtain rods up to 1.5 inches in diameter

Opacity: Semi-Sheer/Light Filtering

best amazon curtains

What we love

  • Light filtering, which is great for those who want a little bit of blockage.
  • Rod pocket and back tap hanging options so you have a few different options to choose from
  • Durable material and hold and highly reviewed by customers.
  • Color options: This comes in a range of colors, which makes it super customizable for your home.

What we’d change

  • Made of mostly polyester, which definitely isn’t the most sustainable or healthy material out there.
  • Made in China, which has different regularities and potential for more toxins than something that’s more regulated and/or local.
  • Weight of 2.49 pounds, which might be heavier than wanted for a more open and free-flowing curtain.

Explore the Jinchan Linen Beige Curtains →

3. Ryb Home Linen Flax Semi-Sheer Curtains

Price range: $25.95–$39.95 (2-panel set!)

Dimensions: 38″–52″ width to 63″-120″ height

Color options:

  • Burnt Orange
  • Camel
  • Khaki
  • Light Cream
  • Light Grey
  • Linen
  • Sage Green

Material: Linen Blend

Care Instructions: Machine Washable

Hanging Style: Rod Pocket

Opacity: Semi-Sheer

What we love

  1. Soft linen blend material makes a beautifully textured look that’s equally light and full.
  2. Light filtering allows for some light to brighten the room while ensuring half privacy and cool sun protection when you need it.
  3. Comes as a set of 2 panels!

What we’d change

  1. Potential color alternations, as some customers mentioned that the linen color is tanner than pictured.
  2. For those seeking nighttime privacy, it might be advised to order more than one set for increased layering and privacy.
  3. Potential for wrinkles upon delivery, though these can be eased out with minimal effort.

Explore the Ryb Home Linen Flax Semi-Sheer Curtains →

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4. Maison d’Hermine 100% Cotton Curtains

Price range: $49.99—$62.99

Dimensions: Sizes include: 50″x84″, 50″x96″, 50″x108″, and 50″x124″

Color options: Color options for these don’t just vary the color, they also vary the style. For this particular toile option, the colors are in:

  • The Miller Blue
  • The Miller Blue (White Background)
  • The Miller Denim
  • The Miller Paloma Gray
  • The Miller Paloma Gray (White Background)
  • The Miller Red
  • The Miller Red (White Background)

There are other color and pattern options, too— these are simply my favorite. 🙂

Material: 100% cotton

Care Instructions: Machine washable warm with like colors; tumble dry low; warm iron if needed

Hanging Style: Rod pocket + loop

Opacity: Sheer

What we love

  • High quality and design— I know it’s a higher price tag, but higher prices usually mean higher quality. I’d say these curtains look the most bespoke out of all of the options (maybe along with the first ones!)
  • 100% cotton, which means there are no synthetic fabrics used like polyester for these curtains.
  • Easy to add color and character to a blank space, so if you’re a renter or can’t paint your walls, this is an amazing cottagecore style that many absolutely love.
  • Sheer opacity, which is a nice balance between a light and airy feel with a little bit of privacy.

What we’d change

  • Ironing requirements, which make it a little more finicky for those who want a simple wash.
  • Pricing, as this is one of the more expensive brands.

Explore the Maison d’Hermine 100% Cotton Curtains →

5. H.ebony Ivory Flower Lace Sheer Curtains

Price range: $12.99— $30.99

Dimensions: 52×18”, 52×45”, 52×63”, 52×72”, 52×84”

Color options:

  • White
  • Beige
  • Black

Material: 100% Lace Fabric

Care Instructions: Machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle, tumble dry

Hanging Style: Rod Pocket (with 1.6″ + 2.4″ dual rod pockets)

Opacity: Light-filtering

What we love

  • Classic cottagecore + European style: such a beautiful lace piece, perfect for using as the interior layer in a double curtain. Plus, their floral rose pattern is perfect for adding a little texture to your curtains without making them heavy.
  • Different color options: while many will probably lean towards the white option, it’s good to know that you can choose from 3 basic colors to fit your room style.
  • Machine washable: it’s crazy to think that you can actually machine was these, as long as you follow the instructions and be gentle with them. That way, you can keep them clean without it being too much of an inconvenience.

What we’d change

  • Artificial sewing production: which is probably why it’s so affordable! If you’re looking for something hand-sewn, you’ll probably want to try your luck on Etsy.

Explore the H.ebony Ivory Flower Lace Sheer Curtains →

Curtain styles we love for cottagecore + whimsical + cozy spaces

  • Organic linen: This natural fabric gives a rustic charm to any space. It’s durable, has a beautiful texture, and offers that authentic cottagecore feel while also being more sustainable than other fabric types.
  • Pleat: Definitely a more upscale cottagecore look, pleated curtains have folds that create a structured yet gentle look, bringing in sophistication without feeling too formal. You could also go for pinch pleat curtains for an even more dramatic feel.
  • Embroidered: Adding this as an interior curtain in a double curtain rod can add texture and intricacy design to a plain, solid curtain.
  • Oversized width and height: The key to making your windows look larger than they are is lifting up your curtains rods to about 2 inches below your ceiling and purchasing them wider than the window itself. I know it feels excessive, but it makes all the difference!
  • Light and airy look: Curtains that let in a soft glow create an ethereal atmosphere and allow your room to breathe.
  • Neutral colors to complement bold walls: Earthy tones, soft beiges, and white curtains create a calming backdrop, especially when you’re like me and love dark and moody wall colors.
  • Black or warm metal curtain hooks and rods: Warm metal brings a rustic, homey charm compared to silver and nickel, which make a space feel colder.
  • Curtain rings or rod pockets: Beyond functionality, curtain rings, and rod pockets give a finished look to your drapes, allowing for easy and smooth movement.
  • Curtains slightly “kissing” the ground: letting the curtain slightly graze the ground makes for a more cozy feel! While curtains come in pretty traditional lengths, you can simply buy ones that would span near your ceiling and then mount it up higher— it’s that simple!

best amazon curtains

Curtain styles not great for cottagecore + whimsical + cozy spaces♀️

  • Room Darkening Blackout curtains and drapery: It could be practical for a nursery, but IMO, velvet curtains or even custom drapery often feel very heavy if they’re not executed right.
  • Grommet curtains: These modern curtains with ringed tops may clash with the vintage, nostalgic appeal of cottagecore. I haven’t ever used grommet curtains when dreaming up a room, as I think they look a bit cheap and tacky.
  • Bright white: An overly bright, stark white can feel too modern or clinical, potentially disrupting the soft and cozy atmosphere. I always lean towards a cream, off-white, or ivory instead.
  • Undersized width and length: Curtains that are too short or narrow can make a room feel restricted or unfinished, and make the windows feel smaller.
  • Silver, nickel, stainless steel, or chrome curtain rods: The coolness of silver might not always complement the warm and cozy vibes of a cottagecore room. I always prefer either black or a warmer metal like copper or brass.
  • Curtains with a blackout liner, linen blackout curtains, or room-darkening blackout curtains: Pretty much any curtains that have that heavy look and feel won’t necessarily feel that light and airy feel that cottagecore and any nature-inspired interior is so well known for.

I hope you love these curtains options, and that it gives you some inspiration on how to add some gorgeous curtains to your home (and many without breaking the bank!). Hope this just jumpstarts your inspiration on enhancing your window-scape, and inspires you to not only find the best curtains for your space, but hang the curtains in a way that elevates your home in a super simple way. ✨

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Best Amazon curtains for cottagecore, whimsical + moody spaces


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