how to design your home with pink + green decor

infographic saying how to design your home with pink and green decor with a photo of a light pink wall with a white macrame and green palm plant

Explore how to infuse the magick of pinks and greens into your creative space.

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June 25, 2023


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Why pink and green?

Every time I see green in a color palette, I immediately think of the natural elements and possibilities that could be brought into the room or space! With pink and green home decor, I often visualize the bright glow of spring and summer flowers along with the green leaves that accompany them and think that for a lot of creatives, nature can bring inspiration and harmony to your existing space.

infographic saying how to design your home with pink and green decor with a photo of a light pink wall with a white macrame and green palm plant

Do pink and green go together?: Tips for using pink and green together

Pink and green most certainly together. Just take a look at nature.

Every flower can have a green accompanying it and make it work. In fact, I feel that even in interior design, we can make almost any colors work together if we’re able to be intentional and mindful of what sparks joy for us.

Here are 6 simple steps for using pink and green together in your space. And while we always talk about how to design your creative space, you can also think about designing your home kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, anything. Creativity can come from anywhere in your home!

1. Always start with a mood board and color palette.

Before every room design starts, always begin with a color palette and mood board!

A mood board will help you better understand what sparks joy for you. Sometimes, it’s easier for us to say that we like an image, but not what parts of it we like. For example, you could look at an image and think you’ll love it in your space… until you realized that you liked the lighting in the image more than the wall color.

A color palette helps you understand the guideline of colors that you’re going to stick with, and which ones you’ll rule out. It’ll basically be your guideline for purchasing or curating your own pieces, wall art, and decor, and will immediately tell you what should live in a space and what shouldn’t

2. Determine your ideal textures and materials.

A big part of designing your space is knowing what textures and materials you want to use in it, be it wood, metal, velvet, or bamboo. Each of these brings a different essence to a space, and can vastly vary the look and feel of a room. For example, having a kitchen with painted wood cabinets will look very different from a rustic open-shelved look, glass see-through cabinets, or even metal cabinets.

3. Use colors in the same hues.

Let’s say you have your pink and green colors, but you have a lot of different hues within— some darker, and some lighter. It’s totally okay to alter the hue of different colors, as long as you’re within the same one.

Yes, peach and hot pink are both in the pink family, but mixing them together will not be in alignment with your color scheme and won’t bring out the colors you want! Consider the colors in each and everything that will be in this room, including clutter that may be better stowed away in a solid cabinet.

4. Understand the art of Marie Kondo’s method.

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I highly recommend reading Spark Joy by Marie Kondo, which will give you insights into why the noise of clutter and labels will not give you the joy you’re looking for in a space.

The truth is, you can design your interiors to be as beautiful as you want, but if you’re not taking the time and space to truly go through the Marie Kondo method, I don’t believe any room can ever achieve the maximum streamlined and beautiful design that you’re looking for!

5. Let nature drive your design (particularly peonies, azaleas, and roses)

Since one of your main colors will be green, there’s a definite need to bring nature into the mixture! If you’re here, then you likely love it when florals drive your design, but even if you don’t want a floral pattern

This might mean incorporating more plants into your space, but if you’re not a plant person, it’s not totally necessary! At this point in time, all of my plants live happily outside, but there’s a lot of life in it, by:

Showcasing fresh fruits and vegetables in the kitchen

Using dried flowers

Using dramatic curtains on windows to highlight nature-heavy views

Using wall art of plants and nature scenes

Using floral patterns

Using natural textures like wood and bamboo

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3 mood board ideas + color schemes for your pink + green creative space

Here are 3 mood boards and color palettes to get started on your design ideas for your creative space

1. Dark green & peach (with raspberry walls)

dark green and peach color palette

2. Greys in green + pink

greys in green and pink color palette

3. Moody roses

moody roses color palette





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how to design your home with pink + green decor


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