the ultimate fairy round-up to stay cozy + warm

the ultimate fairy round up to stay cozy and warm

Cozy season doesn’t just have to be in the cold seasons. 👀 Whenever you need a little bit of extra coziness in your life, here are some of my current favorite round-up items, specifically for when you’re feeling warm and cozy! Home + Body Around these parts, we talk about 3 main things: In this […]

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December 9, 2023


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Cozy season doesn’t just have to be in the cold seasons. 👀

Whenever you need a little bit of extra coziness in your life, here are some of my current favorite round-up items, specifically for when you’re feeling warm and cozy!

the ultimate fairy round-up to stay cozy + warm

Home + Body

Around these parts, we talk about 3 main things:

  • How to have a beautiful interior
  • How to nurture a healthy body
  • How to have a fulfilling creative career

In this list, we’re addressing the first two— knowing that when we’re addressing a creative interior and a nourished body, we can better ignite our beautiful creative careers together. Let’s hop right in.

The Ultimate Round-Up for Cozy + Warm Seasons (Fairycore)

🧦 Cute + Cozy Fashion

For Shapely but Comfy 🍑: Sundara High-Waisted Leggings (or Zyza Organic Hemp Leggings)

These leggings are made from this super cozy organic cotton lycra blend, giving you both stretchiness and softness and hugging your body just right.

The high waistline is definitely a favorite for me, sitting snug around or above your belly button, so you’re comfy whether you’re stretching out in yoga or just chilling. They’re ankle-length, which is awesome for that sleek, put-together look. I love the idea of moving around in these, whether it’s for a little at-home yoga or just chillin’ around.

I also wanted to include the Zyza hemp leggings because they’re made of 53% hemp and 44% organic cotton, with a touch of Lycra for that perfect stretch.

Hemp is amazing because it’s durable, anti-microbial, and UV resistant, and organic cotton ensures that you’re getting the highest quality ingredients possible. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for all seasons.

Explore the Sundara High-Waisted Leggings →

Explore the Zyza Organic Hemp Leggings →

For Chilly Legs Outside or In: Breezi Lifestyle Leg Warmers

These adorable custom leg warmers from BreeziLifestyle are handmade and crafted to create minimal to ZERO waste as they claim in their description, which is super eco-friendly.

It has a grip elastic design to stay in place when you’re working from bed or doing a little bit of morning stretching, and they come in different materials like stretchy fleece and rib knit to make it uber cozy.

Explore the Breezi Lifestyle Leg Warmers →

That Sweater That You Don’t Take off for 3 Months: Rose Unique Style Alpaca Wool Sweater

This Charcoal Alpaca Wool Knit Cowl Sweater is handmade with a blend of Peruvian baby alpaca and Merino wool, which means it’s super soft and not itchy at all (though make sure you don’t put it in the washer or dryer, please!). It’s also hypoallergenic, thanks to the lack of Lanolin (animal oil) which is usually the culprit.

The cowl neckline and relaxed fit make it super chic and comfy, and it’s got this cool longer back design and is available in 10 different colors— I’m definitely going for black. 🖤

Explore the Rose Unique Style Alpaca Wool Sweater →

For the Cold Typers: Ella Sussman Alpaca Wool Hand Warmers

Yes, there is a way you fellow always-cold types can wear gloves inside the house and still function. These hand-knit alpaca wool fingerless gloves are made from sustainable Alpaca wool sourced from the Andes, which is not only super warm but also eco-friendly.

The colors come from natural and hand-dyed sources that dry in the sun, and the sweaters are lined with micro-fleece to keep your hands toasty whenever you need.

Explore the Ella Sussman Alpaca Wool Hand Warmers →

For Warm, No-Sweat Feet: Tingi Life Supplies Wool Socks

These socks are honestly the cutest thing ever with their adorable retro pattern that gives off cottagecore vibes to a T! Just make sure you don’t wash them like you would regular socks!

Explore the Tingi Life Supplies Wool Socks →

🪴 Warm + Feminine Decor

For Non-Toxic, Delicious Smells: MLTD Candle Company Warm + Woodsy Candles

This hand-poured candle from Maryland is made with a proprietary soy-based wax blend, which is not only eco-friendly but also gives a cleaner burn. The scents are Bergamot Cedar, Amber + Sage, Sandalwood Blossom, and Teakwood + Mahogany, all giving off those deep, cozy, woodsy vibes. The candles also come in 4oz sizes with lead and zinc-free cotton wicks, perfect for setting a chill, fragrant atmosphere at home. Totally worth checking out. 🕯✨

Explore the MLTD Candle Company Warm + Woodsy Candles →

For Cozy Holiday Movie Nights: Homeward Haven Teal Reversible Throw Blanket

This teal reversible sofa throw blanket is so cute and fairy. It’s handcrafted from 100% organic and natural Muslin Cotton, which is cozy and eco-friendly.

The design is all about Nordic and Scandinavian vibes, giving it that cool, modern boho look, but also versatile, with different sizes available – 150x200cm, 200×230 cm, and 230×250 cm, perfect for snuggling up or adding a pop of color to your space.

Plus, it’s machine washable (a huge plus for lazy laundry gals like me) on a gentle cycle on cold.

Explore the Homeward Haven Teal Reversible Throw Blanket →

Baking, But Make It Easy + Cute: Our Place Wonder Oven

Oh do I love this Wonder Oven— literally a 6-in-1 appliance, which means it can air fry, bake, toast, roast, reheat, and broil.

What’s super unique is its steam infusion tech, so you can moisten up your food for that perfect golden outside and fluffy inside. It’s also really quick— preheats 75% faster and cooks up to 30% faster than traditional ovens (all that little space doesn’t take too long to heat!)

Explore the Our Place Wonder Oven →

For a Classy + Cute Door Decadence: Nova Wreaths Cozy Minimalist Hoop Wreath

This baby is handmade with a blend of warm earthy tones and classic Christmas vibes. It has pines, cedars, juniper, and those adorable red berries that make it just so quaint and cute, plus white and brown pampas grass, caramel fern, cream bunny tail, and dried grevillea that give it a laid-back, rustic charm.

It comes in a few different sizes with the foliage adding extra fullness while also being classy and not tacky.

Explore the Nova Wreaths Cozy Minimalist Hoop Wreath →

🧘‍♀️ Holistic + Fit Body

For Warm + Restful Healing: Photon Infrared Therapy Light or Red Light Therapy Lamp

The Photon Infrared Therapy Light from SaunaSpace is super portable, meaning you can use it anywhere— at work, at home, or even while traveling.

It’s designed to combat tech fatigue (bye-bye, blue screens) and provide deep tissue rejuvenation and is made with a ThermaLight® bulb and has a sleek, minimalist design with a basswood base, but without any nasty UV or blue light.

It even has a stainless steel cage that neutralizes electromagnetic fields (EMFs)— healing and protecting your body.

Explore the Photon Infrared Therapy Light →

Explore the Red Light Therapy Lamp →

For Yoga, Pilates + Other Cozy Exercises: CorkTek Non-Toxic Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is made of eco-friendly cork and natural rubber, so you’re not inhaling any toxic chemicals like some others.

Plus, the more you sweat, the grippier it gets, and helps your joints stay supported, even during inversions. 🤸‍♀️

Explore the CorkTek Non-Toxic Yoga Mat →

For Warming Up Your Body: TeaPigs Peppermint + Licorice Tea

This is one of my favorite teas ever. It makes your throat soooo smoothe with the licorice and refreshes and warms you with the peppermint. They also come in little “tea temples,” which are roomy bags that let the leaves really do their thing, giving you that big, bold flavor that isn’t made without any toxic plastics (can you believe there are tea bags that are actually made with this stuff, getting heated up? Yikes).

Explore the TeaPigs Peppermint + Licorice Tea →

I hope you find at least one of these to help you be more warm, cozy, and comfy in your home so you can be your healthiest, most creative self. 🥰 If you liked this, you might like…





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the ultimate fairy round-up to stay cozy + warm


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