The best bamboo comforters (2024)

the best bamboo comforters

I hate to say it, but I’ve been neglecting my bed. 🛌 The thing is, when I think about low- and non-toxic home products, I’m thinkin’ the food, water, and supplements that are living in my kitchen. But think about everything in your home, and particularly the fabrics– the carpets, the rugs, the mattresses, the […]

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November 1, 2023


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I hate to say it, but I’ve been neglecting my bed. 🛌

The thing is, when I think about low- and non-toxic home products, I’m thinkin’ the food, water, and supplements that are living in my kitchen.

But think about everything in your home, and particularly the fabrics– the carpets, the rugs, the mattresses, the couches, the comforters– and what they’re made of.

I learned about off-gassing just a few months ago– the idea that the products we purchase that are particularly toxic are actually releasing their toxins into the air– but, as with most things, transitions take a while, ya know?

Why is Bamboo Bedding Important?

Let’s talk about the importance of this special bedding in the first place.

Because, I know, bamboo is a huge craze now, and it sounds like it’s sustainable (toilet paper, clothing…) but what actually makes it better than something synthetic?

Well, bamboo is a grass and is highly sustainable compared to other fabrics. When it comes to things like toilet paper, the idea is basic: why are we cutting down trees for TP when we could just use fast-growing bamboo? And when it comes to fabrics, this vibrant little grass, it’s an all-natural material that doesn’t off-gas like a synthetic material would.

Now, with all this in mind, think about how close your bedding is to your face and body every night. I don’t know about you, but I cuddle up to that thing like there’s no end to the ZZZs.

For something getting that close to my face and body, I figured that researching the best bedding made from bamboo was something I had to start doing as I started transitioning my home from toxic to sustainable.

So, why not start with comfy, comfy comforters? Here’s your go-to guide for the best comforters made from our grassy, ever-growing friend.

The Best Bamboo Comforters (2023)

1. The Best Color Options Options: Cozy Earth Bamboo Viscose Comforter

What we love

  • 100% bamboo viscose: This makes them soft, breathable, and perfect for any season. Plus, it’s known for ensuring moisture-wicking properties without any added weirdo ingredients.
  • Temperature control: This comforter for hot sleepers provides temperature-regulating fabric, which ensures you stay cool throughout the year. Even as someone who’s freezing all the time, I know the feeling of waking up sweaty, and I’m sure you know the feeling.
  • Lots of different color options: I loooove all the color options with this style. Sustainable products don’t always guarantee a cute design, but these have really lovely colors from Clay to Navy to Sage, to name a few.
  • Anchor loops for days: These babies sync perfectly with ties in the Cozy Earth Duvet Cover which prevents the cover from shifting around, giving you a hassle-free sleep experience.

What we don’t love

  • Missing some size options: While they offer sizes like Twin, Queen/Full, and King, we’re missing options for those who might want something different or a more custom or non-traditional fit like a California King.
  • Premium price tag: Quality comes at a price, and while it’s totally worth it for many, some might find the initial cost a tad on the higher side.

Explore Cozy Earth Bamboo Viscose Comforter →

2. The Best Machine Washable: Cosy House Bamboo Down Alternative Comforter

What we love

  • Machine washable and durable: I love a good machine-washable bedding option. In fact, I’m not sure if I’d be able to get bedding if it wasn’t! This piece is machine washable on a gentle cycle and can be tumble dried on low heat.
  • Stay-in-place sesign: Premium Corner-Tie Loops allow your comforter to stay in place, preventing any bunch-ups.
  • Wallet-friendly: Compared to some other bedding options, this one is definitely on the more cost-effective side, so if you’re on a budget, this is a great option.

What we don’t love

  • Slippery: Since the material is made of fiber viscose, some say it might slide off the bed.
  • Not 100% bamboo (has microfiber, too): While this does boast bamboo, it isn’t 100% like some other comforters are.
  • Where are the matching shams?!: Some are a bit confused about how to find a matching sham available for this comforter, whether on Amazon or the Cosy House website.

Explore Cosy House Bamboo Down Alternative Comforter →

3. The Most Breathable: Bamboo Bay Comforter

What we love

  • 100% bamboo viscose: The Bamboo Bay comforter feels soft and smooth, made with 100% Viscose from Bamboo fabric; not all bamboo comforters are pure b-love.
  • Lightweight & breathable hollow fiber: This beauty is filled with premium-grade lightweight hollow fiber that’s even fluffier and more breathable than down (which I stay away from because of animal cruelty anyway).
  • Extra soft: This is crafted with long-staple fibers, with a weave that’s soft, smooth, and strong, which are said to be better than coarser fibers used by many other brands.
  • Organic & hypoallergenic: This is an organic comforter, made from 100% natural and organic bamboo, hypoallergenic, and certified free of harmful substances by OEKO-TEX and TÜV RHEINLAND.

What we don’t love

  • Not the cheapest: I have nothing against investing in something that’ll last, but for those who are a bit tighter to their wallet, you might find slightly more competitive prices on Amazon (though I can’t promise their quality!).

Explore the Bamboo Bay Comforter →

4. The Most Budget-Friendly: Herside Organic Bamboo Viscose Comforter

What we love

  • High-quality circle stitching: The stitching of this is designed in such a way that it prevents the filling from moving around or clumping and looks unique, trendy, and cozy all at once.
  • Comes with 2 pillowcases: If you love bonuses and matching pairs, you’ll love this little addition of 2 pillowcases along with your comforter. 
  • OEKO-TEX 100 Certification: Love the certifications that make sure no harmful substances are being used with this fabric.
  • Affordable AF: Compared to the comforters that are upwards of a few hundred dollars, these can be below $100 for a Queen.

What we don’t love

  • Satiny sheen and feel: While the blanket boasts a silky satin sheen, it might feel a tad slippery on the skin for some. I know I prefer a softer, more traditional cotton feel material for my bedding, so if you’re someone who doesn’t love the silky, satin-y vibe, you might want to look elsewhere.
  • Color variance: While there are a few different color options like Indigo Blue and White, some say that the color variances come off a bit dull.

Explore the Herside Organic Bamboo Viscose Comforter →

5. The Best for Different Weight Options: Breezy Bamboo Comforter

What we love

  • 100% bamboo viscose: None of this “well, it’s partly bamboo” shiz. This is crafted entirely from 100% bamboo viscose, inside and out.
  • Weight options: Okay, this is so cool. You can actually personalize your weight options with this. The Lightweight comforter option is a breezy feel at 200GSM and the all-season comforter option at 350GSM gives you that that extra coziness.
  • 8-loop extra details: With 8 loops at the corners and midpoints, your duvet cover will snugly fit its duvet insert inside of it, making sure everything stays put.
  • Charitable: 10% profits go to ocean conservation so catching your Z’s can mean donating to something good, too.
  • 100-night sleep trial: If it’s not love at first sleep, you have 100 days to return your comforter for something else you like.

What we don’t love

  • Spot-clean maintenance: While the material is divine, it does require a bit of care– spot-cleaning, specifically, is recommended. And for those who aren’t laundry aficionados like me, this comforter is the perfect choice.

Explore the Breezy Bamboo Comforter →

(Bonus!) The Most Cozy Eucalyptus Comforter: Buffy Breeze Comforter

What we love

  • Made with eucalyptus: Okay, duh, right? But seriously, the entire comforter is crafted from super-soft Eucalyptus fabric, derived from TENCEL™ lyocell fiber.
  • Try before fully committing: Still on the fence? Buffy offers a free trial for you to experience the product before making a final decision. It’s shipped free to your doorstep for a first-hand experience.
  • Pair her with a duvet cover: Unlike another brand in this mix that didn’t really have a duvet twin to pair up with, Buffy is a perfect match for you to slip your comforter into.
  • Biodegradable and compostable: Wait, what?! I didn’t even know this was possible for these comforters but here Buffy is, making it happen.

What we don’t love

  • Lack of detailed material information: While the comforter boasts Eucalyptus fabric and TENCEL™ lyocell fiber, more in-depth details about the materials or the process of making the comforter might be beneficial for the eco-conscious consumer. I personally would like to know more about TENCEL™, what that means, and how it can be biodegradable.

Explore the Buddy Breeze Comforter →

What We Considered for Our Bamboo Comforter Picks

1. Sustainability

Of course, we wanted to focus on the actual quality and sustainability of these comforters. And hey, we even found one that was completely biodegradable (even though it was technically the eucalyptus one, shhhh).

For real, though, we wanted to make sure you had options to find more natural alternatives to your comforter situation, alleviating allergens and chemicals as much as possible.

2. Affordability

We wanted to balance the higher-tiered offerings with some affordable ones, too, in case you’re looking to stick to a budget.

Of course, we all know that typically, you’ll find great quality products at a higher price tag (usually!), but it’s still nice to have some cost-effective options, eh?

3. Care and Upkeep ☁️

Coming from someone who is horrible at laundry, I’m the first person who will say that I want a comforter that isn’t going to be a nightmare to clean. Machine washable is preferred, so I wanted to make sure I captured at least one here.

4. Quality ✨

By following care guidelines, I wanted to make sure you got comforters that actually stood the test of time so you don’t have to keep buying and buying and buying something.

We’re here for this baby lasting as long as possible, so wanted to find high-quality comforters.

5. Aesthetics

We’re all about aesthetics in your home and life (on the outside and on the inside), so we wanted to give you options for comforters that have some style to them, especially those that don’t need a cover over them.

You’ll have found a few options that have alternatives to whites (though whites can be your thing, too!) so whether your bedroom is fairycore, cottagecore, boho, or something else, you’ll find something you like.

Stay cozy, bamboo-lovin’ sleepers. See you in your dreams.





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The best bamboo comforters (2024)


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